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Human resources department in an organization is required to put in place all the definitions and the required code of conduct in an organization. Therefore it sets rules and conditions that are used to by the employees each time they are at work. In this assignment, all the components are going to be viewed against the international provision and where possible provide the recommendations.

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Human resources philosophy

In the RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited provisions, it is stated that the payment is equitable and competitive for all employees. The employees are also expected to be equipped for the job a present time and the future, also there are two-way communications between the employees and the management. However, the international human resource states that the company has to come out clearly on what the employees should expect to be paid depending on their responsibilities and their academic qualifications, also the international human resources requires that the company may ensure that the employees have the rightful equipment depending on the job they do (, 2016). Recommendations are that RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited should specify on what basis it determine a persons pay whether academic alongside their productivity

Employee code of conduct

On employee code of conduct, RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limiteds purpose and scope expect that their employees be very careful with the companys property and while relating with other people whether employees or customers. This means that they need to avoid conflicts. Compared with international HRM provisions, RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited does not provide any disciplinary measures that it may extend to the employees in case they do not adhere to the prescribed purpose and scope (, 2016). On responsibilities RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited expects the employees not to have any conflict of interest, they may be confidential with the company's information, maintain the company's property, discourages the employees from media appearances. However it does not provide ways in which the employees can have their grievances heard, the international HRM requires that a company may provide the procedure for the employees to raise grievances about their working conditions. Otherwise, they may seek the media audience. On compliance, only internal compliance has been stated, the company is expected to also state their employee compliance with the external environment like the provisions of their State.

Smoking policy

The smoking policy, the company prohibits smoking while in a company vehicle that has two or more people. It, however, does not provide an option for smoking like in a smoking area but demand other premises to adhere to the policy by designating a smoking area. International requirements are that a company has to every time and conveniently allocate a designated smoking are for their employees. The international HRM requires that a company may also advise their employees on the dangers of smoking of uncontrolled.

New and expectant mothers at work policy

RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited states that an expectant mother upon provision of a medical proof that she cannot work at night as this may risk her health and that of the pregnancy then she may be considered for a daytime work. However, it is required that the company may form flexible HR policies that exempt pregnant workers from night duties. This ensures that the workers have enough bed rest. It is human nature to try and be hard at work and tolerate the hard work unaware of the danger of the life of the developing pregnancy. Also, the company has not stated if there are any special emergency services in case of any development of complication while at work. The international human resource provisions require that an employer arranges and states their arrangement for emergency cases for their workers while at work. Thus the company has to arrange for the service-ambulance or staff clinic to help in emergency cases.

Recruitment and selection process

The above function in RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited is has been stated that it will be wholly carried out by the administrative manager and the Managing director. They are therefore required to draft job descriptions and what they expect the candidates to fulfill when assigned the position. However the international Human Resource requirement states that selection and recruitment of new staff members of candidates to fill a vacant job position should be done by a special department- the HR department. This, therefore, means that RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited should constitute a human Resource department which shall be manned by the two premiers mentioned before. Thus the company is highly recommended that an HR department is formed to take care of the recruitment and selection process.

Pre-employment medical examination

The company requires that before a new applicant fills or assumes an office he or she is required to be examined by a doctor to ascertain on their physical fitness (SHRM, 2016). This is because the kind of work or primary business requires that the workers be fit to respond to emergency activities well. Thus according to the internal Human resources provision requires that all workers suitability in regards to their health be determined.

Pre-employment substance abuse screening

RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited would love to have an environment that does not breed drug addicts thus it has laid down procedures to ensuring that they only employ people who are not on the drug . This is also provided in the international Human resource require that all the employees be screened. Thus the company is in agreement with the international provisions

Training procedures

The company has put down measures to ensure that their employees skills are in line with the requirements of the international human resource articles. Therefore it trains its employees right after being approved to work (Thompson, 2016). This includes induction training and evacuation procedures as primary and then Risk specific HSE Training and the third which is Task-specific Training just as required by the international human resource management.

Orientation and Induction

On this policy, the company has made it a requirement that every new employee has to be shown the work environment so as to familiarize himself or herself. This makes it easy for the employee to be independent in his or her movement around the office as required and outlined in the international human resource management provisions.

Probation period

The company allows a probation period of three months upon which the employee is required to satisfy the management that he or she is fit for the position. If he is confirmed, he then becomes a fully-fledged employee of RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited Safety and Rescue Limited. This is I agreement with the international human resource management that provides probation period be either 3 months, or 6 months, or 9 moths up to a year.

Performance review procedure

The company conducts a regular review of the employees performance and appraises them. It conducts a review on a quarterly basis for employees who are on contract terms while after a year on employees who are deemed to be permanent. This is in unison with the international standards, however, the reviewing on a quarterly basis for the nonpermanent employees is way too expensive. Thus I would recommend that they may extend the contract period for the nonpermanent employees to six months in a bid to motivate and retain talents.

Employee grievance procedure

The company has put in place measures to ensure that no employee faces discrimination from the management and also the fellow employee. The company also encourages that all the cases be reported to the disciplinary committee or department, this concurs with the international provisions that companies may not source their workers on basis of race, social status, religion or any other form of discrimination (, 2016). Thus RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited Company abide by these provisions.

Client feedback procedure

RONSAFE Safety and Rescue Limited has put in place procedures to handle complaints and other feedbacks raised by the employees and their clients. They have conspicuously provided adequate complaint and feedback documentation that can be used to log in complaints and feedbacks irrespective of their nature and are with the needed attention addressed. This action by the company is in agreement with the provisions of the international human resources management provisions.

Disciplinary procedure

RONSAFE SAFETY AND RESCUE LIMITED Safety and Rescue Limited Company has made it mandatory for all its employees to be disciplined and compliant with the rules and procedures that regulate the employee code of conduct. Therefore this ensures that the company there is minimal disturbance to operations as a result of minor indiscipline cases. By outlining strong disciplinary action against the wrongdoers, the company corresponds with the international Human Resources management provisions of cultivating discipline among workers. However, the company does not have a special disciplinary committee r rather department but leaves all the matters to be handled by the Administrative manager. These are responsibilities that are beyond his jurisdiction.

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