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Physical exercise has immense effect on health in a positive way. Initially, doctors were against the idea of chronically ill patients engaging in physical exercise but recent studies and research indicates that physical exercise is highly beneficial to chronically ill patients such as cancer patients (Courneya & Friedenreich, 248). There are several factors put forward to support this assertion and as a trainer, one should thus offer training services to cancer patients using the same assertions as they contribute to the physical wellbeing of the patients.

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Some of the reasons why cancer patients should engage in physical exercise include reducing the toll that treatment may have on someones body. Continuous medication is not fun, the net effect of medicine on the body of the patients may lead to negative energy, and this may pull down self-esteem of the patient (Harrys et al., 953). To boost self-esteem and increase self-worth cancer patients need physical exercise. The physical capacity among cancer patients normally reduces and this may affect their physical performance and lead to fatigue. To deal with the impairment of physical performance, the cancer patients need to exercise to stir their physical ability (Courneya & Friedenreich, 6). Conventional treatment have adverse effects on cardiovascular operations in the body of cancer patients and this reduces blood flow thus to deal with such an issue, cancer patients need to exercise so that they do not develop cardiovascular diseases or issues of blood clot in their systems (Knobf, Musanti & Dorward, 288). Cancer patients suffer from stress and anxiety and one way of helping them, deal with the same is through exercise (Thorsen et al., 993). When the body exercises, it becomes excited and exercise too makes one busy and drives away unnecessary thoughts thus it reduces stress (Luctkar-Flude et al., E42).

To market training services, one will need to work closely with the oncologists and used research findings to convince the patients and the oncologists. Marketing can be in the hospitals or community centers where cancer patients gather for moral support discussions.

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