Essay on The Process of Managing a Risk in the University

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Governance risk- people who control and direct the university processes may be affected

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Structure and service risks- people who offer security services to the university may be sacked as the university tries to change the overall security

Major risks associated with university infrastructure to achieve highest security at all levels

Administrative risk this includes the policies made by the university about security. The policy made helps control the security of the university infrastructure.

Technical risk- poor technical control and maintenance is a risk to the security of the University

Physical risk- intruder detection systems are some of the physical control risks.

Different infrastructure components, systems and departments where there always chances of security risks

IT systems- the computers may be hacked by people with the intention to get private information of the university. Viruses may also be a threat to the computers.

Physical environment: soil, water, and land

Finance department- Fraud in the finance sector can contribute to the loss and decrease in value of the universitys financial assets.

Administration Department- loss of important documents from the offices.

Categorize and prioritize the risks identified by applying risk assessment tools

The risks are categorized as either internal or external

Internal risks

Administration department

IT systems

Finance department

External risk

Physical Environment

Organizational people and infrastructure involved in contributing towards this risks

The IT system must be properly managed and each of the devices used should be protected to safeguard the university information. The IT system is not 100% secure, the access to computers by many people is risky as many workers are aware of all the private information about the University. Finance department and administration should also keep their documents safely to avoid the risks. Strict rules of accessing the university data and information by the right and authorized personnel is a way that has helped in keeping the university secure.

Apply any suitable security-based Risk assessment framework to assess the degree of likelihood of these risks at different infrastructure levels

The likelihood of a financial risk occurring is highest because of many accountants in the University who handle the universities cash. In Information System, the likelihood of Information System risk is also their because of the many computers in the university that may contain a lot of school information.

Different solution to mitigate these risks at different levels to increase overall security of the University

The process of managing a risk in the university involves the application of policies systematically, identifying the procedures and practices that can be used to evaluate, treat and monitor the risk. Appropriate risk management by the university can increase the overall security.

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