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As a healthcare assistant, most of the patients that I come across are always in one way or another suffering from skeletal and muscular, circulatory and lymphatic or digestive health complications. These complications if not well-diagnosed result in further complications that might even lead to eventualities as dire as the demise of the patients. The skeletal and muscular systems are responsible for proper posture and movements that range from limb to movements along the digestive tract and the circulation of blood around the body. Without efficient and effective muscular and skeletal systems functioning, it would then be impossible for both human and animal life to be sustained.

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The circulatory system ensures that blood rich in oxygen is supplied to all body parts and deoxygenated blood is conveyed to the lungs for oxygenation. As a result, body organs that depend on oxygen such as the brain can function efficiently.

The digestive system forms a very vital part of the human body functioning. It is this system that ensures that the body gets the nutrients it requires for growth and repair of worn out tissues from the food ingested.

It is, therefore, paramount to conduct studies based on these systems as they are susceptible to infections and diseases which are usually life threatening. Most of the diseases that patients suffer from are always in one way or another related to the malfunctioning of either one or more of these systems. Investigating these systems would, therefore, help better understand how they work and aid in a great extent towards reducing chances of a patient being infected with diseases that affect the systems and organs or in the case of infections, provide ways and options of treating them.

The respiratory system is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that sufficient amounts of oxygen are supplied to body organs and harmful substances such as carbon dioxide are removed from the body. This is mainly achieved through breathing without which life cannot be supported.

The nervous and endocrine systems, on the other hand, act as communication mediums through which body organs communicate with each other. These systems are the most important in the human body since they communicate with other body systems to ensure that normal body processes can take place. They practically work in tandem with both the respiratory and the reproductive systems through the release of hormones that act as signals enhancing communication between the various body systems.

The reproductive system is an essential way of procreating and ensuring the continuation of a certain species. It mainly works hand in hand with the endocrine system since it involves hormones that are usually secreted by the endocrine system through a series of body system communications.

Studying the respiratory, nervous/ endocrine and the reproductive systems is of importance as a health practitioner gets to understand and appreciate how the systems coordinate and work together. Many people suffer from disorders that affect either one or some of these systems, and the rates are always increasing by the day. Proper investigations into how these systems function enables proper and timely diagnosis, and application of appropriate preventive measures that ensure diseases are prevented, and lives are saved. As a healthcare assistant whose interest is to save lives and restore patient's health, it is thus obligatory to investigate how the various human body systems function to be familiar with any eventuality that might arise and which is related to these systems and provide the appropriate help needed.

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