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Neoclassical literature was written between 1600 and 1798. The writers of neoclassical period tried to copy the Greek and Romans style. During this particular time, it was broken down into three parts: the age of Johnson, restoration period and Augustan period. Neoclassical era assists us in understanding its literature. This was the era of comfortableness in England as Citizens would gather in various places such as coffee houses and talk about politics, social issues among other things. The 18th century was one in which adulation of wit and reason came to the forefront of literature in the form of both the Juvenalian and Horatian satires, which when keenly observed, they exposed the insincere stupidities and moral corruption during the neoclassical era in Britain. Beneath the explanation morals of rationality and knowledge, the society comprised of the innate sense of political and moral supremacy. During this period, the use of satires intended to point out the weaknesses of society through mocking believed values of thought that revealed the errors of British people. The two known writers: Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift utilized various mediums of satire and different target of ridicule so as explore on the various aspects of British society and exposing the moral corruption of a community that appeared to forget the actual value of the community.

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Swift and Pope are known for their sharp viewpoint works. The two focused on classical past and their satirical archetypes to inspire. For example, Pope in his, The Rape of the Lock is Horatian in tone, precisely chiding society in a smooth but soft voice when he holds up a mirror of the irrationalities and pride of upper class in the society. Pope indirectly attack the self-significant pomp of British society through presenting it in a manner that provides a reader with a standpoint from which to view the action quickly in the story as ludicrous and unwise. He gently mocks the upper class in a more lyrical and soft than his colleague, Pope however is capable of efficiently enlightening the moral ruin of society to the general public.

On the other hand, unlike Horace, Juvenal used his satires to attack public officials and government agencies. He viewed their ideas wrong bur evil. Juvenalian satire in more of scornful and rough, and further uses high irony. For example, Swifts A Modest Proposal, using bizarre defines an immoral and wilful solution to the economic crisis facing Ireland and at the same time uses a separate tone to attack indifference to the poor. The satirical tone f Swift is much sharper as he depends on harshness and realism to communicate the message and compared to his colleague, effortlessly showing the capability of Juvenalian to shock and reticule.

Concussively, Juvenalian, and Horatian satires had an intention constituting their two compelling but different satirical work. Also, the two works of satires express the dissatisfactory feeling that the two authors had toward the society they lived in. The literature pushes for reforms in the society such as political and social changes that aims at empowering every individual within the society. The two authors tried to use their literary talents to air out the key issues affecting the society something that forced them to recognize the weaknesses of a neoclassical era. Swift and Pope impacts the mindset of British people of their age and inspires them to transform into a new period of illumination to both political and social morality.

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