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In the book Zeitoun, Dave Eggers has found that Katrina mud is the full-fleshed story of a family which is single and in his part of telling the story. He hits the larger targets with more punch compared with those who have already attacked the historical and thematic giants of this disaster. The story is a stuff of compelling nonfiction narrative. Eggers the guy of the wonder of prudent intentions has given the twenty-first-century Dickensian story narrating which is to mean that a character driven potboiler with a point. But in real sense, there is a real trick. He does without any winks of the postmodern irony. There are no rants against President Bush and also there is no cheap shots at the authorities who did led the city down.

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He performs it in an old fashioned way. Within the same sense, Zeitoun shares very few things in common with the Eggers breakthrough memoir. A heartbreaking work of staggering genius which mostly met with is the one who deserve the trumpet blaring in the year 2000 when compared to what it does with HYPERLINK "http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/24/books/review/Prose.t.html" What Is the What, novel of the year 2006 which the so called fictionalized memoir of a very life of the Sudanese civil war. It can be found that Eggers' voice took a behind seat to his opponents epic story but for real it was an odd hybrid. However, Zeitoun is named for the family at the center of the storm. Abdulrahman Zeitoun is a middle aged Syrian American father of four who is also the owner of a very successful painting and contracting company. He is hard working, and he cares his loved one in Syria and America. Furthermore, he is the kind of neighourbor everyone wishes to find at the home deport. He has a wife called Kathy who has roots of big family Southern Baptist, but she drifted after her early marriage failed until she finds a refuge in Islam and loving husband in Abdul. One of the thing which gave her family lots of problem was her hijab and for many other citizens in the post 9/11 America. Since her charms and his smarts makes for a good pairing in the home and at the office which is often the same place. This is an old house in the up down neighborhood of New Orleans.

It can be seen that Eggers starts things out at a slow summer which is two days before the arrival of the storm which is accompanied by the tension in the air, people fleeing, massive anxiety. Once he starts to turn up, he never lets up. Kathy flees with children to some crowd anxious house of relatives in Baton Rouge and finally West to Phoenix. She begs Zeitoun to join them, but he is via the storms before. He said that someone needed to stay behind and watch for Hurricane. During the early hours of August 29, 2015, the Katrina hits the city after the mandatory evacuation by the mayor. This was category five storms before land falls having winds which were over 150 miles an hour. Zeitoun was expecting his house to be leaking and may be some windows to shatter, but he believes he will be okay. Being one of the precautions, he had bought second hand sixteen-foot aluminum for seventy-five dollars. During the first day of the post-storm, there was no any problem which was encountered but about a foot of storm sludge in the streets. During the second day of the storm, the world changed.

Zeitoun woke up to a sea of water this was after the levees failed. He was very frustrated, and he end up in deep thoughts. He was very aware that the storm will keep coming, and it was likely to reach a height of eight or even further in the neighborhood. It can be found that at a Point, Zeitoun reached to his aquarium fully aware that his fish would never survive. Kids make the story to be somehow interesting. It is an odyssey with the quality of a nightmare at strange times I which Zeitoun paddles around the new Orleans using his canoe for a week. The section is the third part of the books which reminds me of Cormac McCarthys post-apocalyptic fiction having the bonus of proper punctuation.

Zeitoun saved the elderly people and the residents who were dehydrated and also those who had been trapped in rotting collapsing homes. Cries of a woman needing help came out. Her dress was spread out over the surface of the water like the high floating. Her legs dangled below, and she was holding onto a bookshelf. During his first day in the canoe, Zeitoun assists in the rescue of five residents. The author wrote that he and never felt such an urgency and purpose, and he was purposely needed. Zeitoun sleeps in the tent during the night on the flat part of his roof. By day time as out of the killing water that is seen killing the New Orleans which is polluted with garbage, oil, debris and the scraps of peoples lives. It smelled filthy every day which is suspected to be a wretched melange of fish, mud, and chemicals.

Within the week, the sense of menace and nervous despair becomes very overwhelming. It is now that Zeitouns days are similar to the watered-down version of Dantes inferno which the disease and food together with the tough moral choices around each and every bend. The book is seen to take an abrupt turn when six armed officers show up at Zeitouns house. He thinks they were meant to help him, and so he is very thrilled to point them to the people in need of assistance. It is wrong assumption that Zeitoun was taken away at gunpoint. He went missing after the event without any contact with outside world. His wife assumed after such a long wait what he is dead. This is the haunting part of the book, and the tone of Egger is pitch perfect, a suspense which is blended with just enough information to stoke anger reader the likelihood to be a typical response and we ask ourselves how such can happen in America?.It is once a spoil that could be able to reveal anything beyond this point.

It can be said that Zeitoun is mistaken for being terrorist, and he is subjected to a series of humiliations, for instance, he is locked in a cage, taken to prison all a while without being charged with anything or allowed to make a phone calls to his wife. In the end, as outlined, Zeitoun is a more potent indictment of Americas dystopia in the President Bush regime compared to any number of well-written polemics. This is the largest part of the author because he got close to his subjects going forth and back between America and Syria.

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