Enriques Journey by Sonia Nazario

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Immigration is the action of people coming to live in a foreign nation permanently. Enriques journey describes the story of the immigrants and the challenges they face before deciding on migrating from their country and settle in another foreign country. It explains that the immigrants choose to migrate to look for better pastures in the foreign countries. Enriques Journey tells this by defining the story of single mothers leaving back their children and traveling to foreign nations such as the United States to such for their kids (Nazario 6). Carmen, a mother of four, left her children in Guatemala and moved to the United States to work as a house help so as to maintain the upkeep of the children. However, her settling to the United States was defined as an illegal immigrant since she went to the country with no legal permission. The efforts of the migration were succeeded by the smugglers who aid people in entering the country through illegal standards.

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According to Carmen, the journey is not as smooth as the bed of roses rather the immigrants face a lot of challenges and difficulties through the voyage. Some get engaged to raped cases and burglary among others making their lives more problematic. Moreover, the essential threat is through traveling by rail. The train that uses to relocate the immigrants also referred to the train of death is the most dangerous scenario which leaves people being traumatized (Nazario 8). Therefore, supporting immigration should be considered and enhanced to prevent the harassment of people moving to other countries in such for better lives and their children as well. The government should examine those with reasonable motives and consider them to the country rather than categorizing them in the terrorist aspects and make them go through tough times while looking for ways to support their children.

Moreover, seen in the Enriques journey, children go to the foreign countries in search for their parents who were long gone to find for them better-living standards. The children are not exclusive in the torture since they use the same routes as the smugglers and make difficult for them to reach the foreign State without harassment. The children migration is still considered illegal, and thus, their entry to the foreign country is problematic thereby using the smugglers to aid them in their way in the country (Nazario 41). Under these circumstances, the immigration should be considered legal because the intentions of the children are not to drug traffic and for terrorism purposes among others rather they are to find their long gone parents. Therefore, the Government should intrude and help these scenarios to be legalized so as the children not to get molested while finding ways to get connected with their parents.

Despite the entry of the immigrants being illegal, the citizens and the Government should forgive them considering their motive that brings them to the foreign country. Some of the immigrants are genuine in their migration whereas some are for trafficking purposes. Therefore, the Government should develop strategies that ensure the entry of these people is beneficial to the country and that no harm will emerge in the country after permitting them into the nation (Nazario 50). Also, by doing this the immigrants such as the single mothers in need to help their children will be free in the search for them and get time to time to see their kids. It will reduce the risking lives of the children in traveling miles and miles in search for their parents since they will be in contact with them from time to time.

Moreover, the Government in addressing the issue of the illegal immigrants it should somehow support them to some extent as well as advising them on looking for legal ways to their entry. It should not deprive them health care as a way to diminish them rather it should enhance the entry by ensuring the immigrants are locating into the country legally. The illegal immigrants should not be deported, but also they should visit the legal immigration bureau to legalize their stay. However, when the Government wholeheartedly encourages their stay without any legal standards, the immigrants might take advantage of the situation and slowly take over the ruling in the United States.

Moreover, considering the issue of the illegal immigrants as discussed earlier, supporting the immigrants should not cease since the Enriques Journey describes their motive to the entry of the country being on legal agenda. They should be protected from the smugglers since the children are the ones who face lots of difficulties in search for their parents (Nazario 118). The Government should intrude in helping legalize their entry through the legal immigration bureau. It is so sad to see more so the children facing all these challenges while vividly it is known that they lack the affection of their parents and find it hard to live without them. They end up being arrested and jailed for years thereby going through hardships and lack of food.

Therefore, more decent ways should be found to aid these people with positive purposes to entry in the foreign country and help them out rather than ending up in punishing them. In the begging, the perspective of illegal immigration was seen only on negative motives. However, Enriques journey has proven that not all the illegal immigrants are drug traffickers, smugglers, and terrorists among others. Therefore, it can be concluded that before subjecting the illegal immigrants to hardships and deportation, the citizens and the government should first understand their cause to migrating into the country and aid them in legalizing their stay and by doing this torture and harassment of the illegal immigrants will reduce.

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