Empowering the Power of Social Media

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The present generation has seen massive technological advancements. The era has been termed to be the era of the Twitter and Facebook generation. Significantly the social media whether new or traditional platforms has significantly empowered the contemporary society through faster and efficient dissemination of information (Rudez & Vodeb, 2015). Information is power and its faster dissemination aid the contemporary advocate for issues more authentically thereby empowering the power.

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Social media is an important weapon that protects people in the form the ravages of the contemporary society, and it is one that is used for the pursuit of the attainment of better livelihoods (Jacobs & Spierings, 2016). Such a weapon in the form of social media gives the people confidence, authority, and power to curve the life of the own which is free from the challenges and oppressions of the contemporary world.

In the present world, media is used as a business tool for advertisements and the promotion of products for different companies for the attainments of consumer confidence on their products. Such insights to product information have provided the customers with knowledge, information, and choices that they can make weighing on the products and make decisions on whether to acquire the products or not. Social media as a toll also protects clients from being cheated by other individuals in the sense that the provision of information makes it no longer gullible for one to fall into traps by the profit driven companies. Clients can make informed choices regarding their demands and what is provided in the market (Rudez & Vodeb, 2015).

All this is also evident in the political arenas whereby people need to make an informed decision in the election of their leaders. The broadcasting of the campaigns of presidential elections through social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and, weblogs has engrossed the pool of information which aids the people in making their choices. In general, the media has empowered the masses with information availability which is sensibly made use of as a weapon to protect the majority from being denied the right to make informed. Good and rational life decisions. Without doubt, therefore, social media has empowered the people

Social Selling with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has approximately over 400 million subscribers worldwide. It is one of the major social media networks. Most often, LinkedIn is a place to go in case you are searching of advertising for a job vacancy. Most certainly, all over the world, recruitment consults use it to find the appropriate candidates for their jobs. For business, LinkedIn is a critical tool for a tool which makes the prospecting smoother, faster and ultimately more profitable (Jacobs & Spierings, 2016).

LinkedIn makes use of the in mail services that it provides thereby making advertisement easier. Individuals and companies make use of the service efficiently thereby enabling them to mail the potential customers at their will. Their advertising power has been tremendously increased as they can individual mail a particular person to ask for service or advertise the good they ought to sell.

There is a different benefit that accrues to individual and companies advertising their products through LinkedIn which includes identification of the right individuals, receiving of instructions, discovering the relationships amongst customers through their contacts, discovering information, maintaining relationships, visibility, getting recommendations and lastly, picking up the trends. All these information aids in social selling and thus companies can increase their sales through social selling.

Social Media and Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a technique of receiving content, ideas, support or other kinds of a solution from an assemblage of people. There are different sites for crowdsourcing some of which are Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Such sites follow fans to provide financial support for their incentives so that people can complete their projects. There are many different companies which incorporate such ideas of getting the input from the masses to a business model.

There are different ways in which companies and individuals can involve the social followers through the crowdsourcing of their products. They include asking the clients what they require; conducting research on the client's preferences, hosting the name of the new products through a contest and having the clients create variation in the new product (Rudez & Vodeb, 2015).

Crowdsourcing increase the business products engagements deepen the loyalty of the customers and also show that individuals are innovative in nature. In addition to the contest element, it provides motivation to clients to participate, and this therefore might increase the company sales and innovation.

Up and Running with Pinterest

Pinterest provides an effective tool for companies and business enterprises of all kinds. There are numerous ways in which Pinterest might work for individuals and companies. These include the building of relationships with influencers, conversion of the personal page into a business page, designation of the boards to represent your company, exploration of the rich pins, following of other enterprises, greet commenters, the invitation of other to the group boards and the justification with the facts.

Pinterest can increase a companys customer base tremendously if used appropriately. Many advantages accrue a company that makes use of Pinterest. These include increased awareness, provision of new leads, increased sales and additional traffic blogs. The reasons companies ought to incorporate Pinterest into their business in the fact that Pinterest in many instances converts many browsers into buyers, Pinterest drives the traffic; companies can discover what the audience loves; there is increased user engagement, and there is the integration the websites with the Twitter account and the Facebook profile.

Facebook for Business

Facebook has over 1 billion subscribers. With this, businesses whether big or small need to do their advertisements on Facebook. There are greater opportunities for enterprises to make online sales, acquire a following around the brand and create platforms in which the clients can discuss the products thereby spreading the word about the quality of the enterprise service (Alarcon-del-Amo, Lorenzo-Romero & Gomez-Borja, 2016).

On Facebook, businesses are at a better advantage when they attract likes. Such a thing helps increase the client's support base thereby may aid in increasing the company sales. Companies can post pictures of their products thereby attracting clients.

Yammer Essential Training

Yammer is a social media site that is made for company collaboration, knowledge sharing, file sharing, and team efficiency. Presently, Yammer is a crucial tool in communication either through contacting of colleagues who work from home or setting up an oncoming event as it gets everyone involved. Companies can hold meeting through Yammer, and the employees can provide their input without disturbing the workflow. The communication through the chat feature allows all employees to be involved. Yammer aids in team building and maintenance as it is quick, simple and more so the whole company gets to see the post made by all employees (Jacobs & Spierings, 2016).

When individuals have done a commendable job, the recognition through Yammer provides an allowance whereby persons from other departments, teams and different levels of authority can comment thereby encouraging the individuals involved.


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