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It is 3045, the planet has changed drastically. In a small town there is a small family of five; father, mother, and three children. The oldest child sports mutations on the lower part of the body, while the other two are what would be considered normal for this timeline. This family is poor by most standards, surviving on a bare minimum. They are part of the population in this small town, which is recorded at one thousand two hundred and fifty people.

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The smell of chemicals hangs heavy in the air, the tree barks and leaves bleached to an off-white color. It is unusual how they still manage to reproduce in this environment. But then again, it is what the environment looks like. Behind the house is a small pond, whose surface, and content, is black. There are a few fish in the pond, a cross between piranha and mudfish. They are vicious and used as food by the small family. The surface soil is packed with decades of surface damage.

Every day, at dawn and dusk, the military patrols the dusty town streets. They arrive in heavy-duty tanks which spiked brass wheels. Often, their arrival is marked by scampering children who get into whichever homes for safety. It is unlawful to be outside by six p.m., but the townspeople take the risk. The military personnel has a shoot-to-kill order, so they are the judge, jury, and executioner for those that break the law.

In the middle of the day, the town adults make their way to cave in the hills. This cave was made when the military was carrying out an explosive experiment. They filled it with mines and forced the people to go in. Several lives were lost, but fortunately, all the mines were set off. The government is not privy to this information. This cave has, therefore, become the meeting place away from the cameras that have been mounted in the town square. In this cave, they talk about the past, whose records are scant, and the uncertain future. They are worried about what will become of their children.

In the capital, the leaders are holding a summit to discuss environmental change. These leaders are as old as ninety-eight and have been in power for more than three terms. All of them have orchestrated mass murders in their countries, turning those countries into military states. By engaging in shady business deals, they directly allowed for the leaching of various chemicals into water sources. Extensive mining has caused a depreciation of the soil component in most parts of the planet. The fertile ones are used for their personal use.

The planet has seen several technological advancements which were intended to make living bearable for the populace. It is unimaginable that there is machinery for every task but little nutritious food for consumption. The present governments plan to use this to prolong their lives and make their power more absolute. On some occasions, trucks can be seen in towns bringing food. They only come once a month, and this has clouded the judgment of most people. They believe that the government cares about them.

It is unclear when this will end. Humanity set in motion a process that was irreparable and irreversible. The use of reverse psychology continues to subdue even the most radical. The only hope lies in the eradication of the entire human race; then there would be no one to lord over the weaker ones. The environment is damaged and would require more than a cosmetic change because the planet requires ridding itself of the toxic chemicals. Since technology has only enhanced inhumanity, a shutdown would be a blessing in disguise. The absence of surveillance would mean the beginning of a revolution. The biggest fear in this is that the saviors would turn out worse than the current oppressors

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