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The motivation to pursue a doctorate in nursing is a product of the broad range of experience that I have accumulated for twenty six years in the nursing profession. Over this period, I have spent most of my time attending to the patients, a practice that has built a strong bond with the profession. Educating the patients on healthy lifestyles and interacting with interdisciplinary team played a significant role in influencing the decision to take the degree in disfavor of Doctor of Philosophy. Primarily, the intention is to receive further education and training that could help me continue offering my services in educating patients about healthy living. Also, the health care systems are quickly evolving, and medical environments have become complex than before. These developments require a lot of dynamism in the part of practitioners so as to keep themselves at par with the current nursing practices. For this reason, further education is imperative to align myself with the emerging trends in healthcare. Moreover, the decision was based on the need to acquire skills and knowledge so as to apply research to patient populations on education and treatment.

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The problem of overweight and weight loss creates a huge interest in upgrading my level of education. It is estimated that half of the countrys population is overweight, and the situation is expected to worsen because some of these overweight individuals are projected to cross over to obese. Obesity predisposes individuals to life-threatening medical conditions such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, sleep apnea and cardiovascular diseases. Also, it causes frustration, depression, and low esteem to the affected persons. An occurrence of the mentioned medical conditions not only drains families in treating their loved ones but also puts a cost burden on the government at the expense of its development programs (David B. Allison, F.Xavier Pi-Sunyer). The mentioned health issues present me with the opportunity to participate in devising alternative ways of combating such problems. After the Doctoral program, I believe will have gathered adequate experience and knowledge to design policies that focus on preventive healthcare systems for decreased health care costs as well as increased patient satisfaction. The primary objective is to offer education to patients and suggest lifestyle modifications that will reduce the chances of uncontrolled weight gain. Often, patients attribute weight gain to medication, personal stress, and medical conditions and are quick to request for quick-fix methods that are not as effective as preventive approaches (David B. Allison, F.Xavier Pi-Sunyer). Usually, lifestyle habits are the cause of weight gain. Therefore, this is where attention should be focused.

Implementing a behavior-change program requires specialized training and deeper understanding of the demographic complexities that dictate individual lifestyles. Such scenarios require a high-level training for one to come up with ways of instilling a culture of preventive lifestyles in all ages of the population. I have the conviction that the doctoral course would equip me with the right tools for the advocacy, implementation, and heightened knowledge of evidence-based practices of the preventative program of managing weight. It is my sincere hope that the selecting committee would consider this submission and make a positive determination.


Allison, D., Pi-Sunyer, & F. Xavier. (2013). Obesity Treatment: Establishing Goals, Improving Outcomes, and Reviewing the Research Agenda. Springer Verlag.

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