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Decor is the decorative or physical style of a setting. Decorum on the other hand is the proper behavior that indicates respect and politeness. Justice is obtained on the interest of the affected parties. A victim can disagree with a jurys verdict therefore the court will have to provide a fair hearing through the provision of relevant and witnesses to argue their viewpoint. Therefore, justice will be made according to the arguments of witnesses and victim hence in the eye of the beholder.

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Discuss how truth is obtained in the adversarial system of American courts.

Traditionally, people view the main purpose of courts as providing a forum for seeking truth through the adversarial system of justice. Today, many Americans think that truth is being compromised and violated with regularity in the trial and plea-bargains of the justice system hence violation of the truth. In an adversarial system, the courtroom becomes a battleground where participants have little regard for guilt or innocence. The desire to win overpowers the truth and the defense counsel enjoys winning equally. People change the attention from finding the truth and become effective game players.

Explain the concept of a dual court system in the United States.

The dual court system is an organizational distinction between courts system and 50 individual state court systems. It includes the federal court system and the Judicial Conference of the United States who oversee the federal courts operations and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Discuss the organization and administration of the federal court system.

The organization of the federal court system includes the jurists, work and its traditions. The court has nine justices who include eight associate justices and one chief justice. The president nominates the jurists and the Senate confirms them.

The Court has a tradition for justices to wear black robes while in session. White quills are placed on counsel tables each day where the court sits. There is a conference handshake where each justice greets each of the other eight when justices assemble to go on the bench each day and at the beginning of the private conferences where they discuss decisions. During session, the chief justice sits at the middle while four associate justices are on either side.

The court does not meet in formal sessions in a nine- month term but divides the time into four separate but related activities and only hear a fraction of the cases it is petitioned to consider. The chief justice orders the business of the Supreme Court and administers the oath of office to the president and vice president upon inauguration.

Discuss the judicial conference of the United States.

It is the administrative policy making organization of the federal judicial system. The membership consists of the chief justice. Chief judges of each court of appeals, one district judge from each circuit and the chief judge of the court of International trade.

Discuss the state courts of last resort and appeals.

The court of last resort is a court in a given state that has its highest and final appellate authority while intermediate courts of appeals are courts in the federal and state court systems that hear appeals, organizationally situated between the trial courts and the court of last resort.

Discuss the trial courts of general jurisdiction.

The trial courts are courts of original jurisdiction where evidence and testimonies are first introduced, and findings of the fact and law are made. The courts have support staff who are a clerk of court, sheriff among others.

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