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The company name is Stallion Drinks Limited. The primary goal of the enterprise is to offer an alternative option for the low-income earners who cannot afford expensive drinks from the existing outlets. The competitive advantage of the corporation is that it operates for twenty-four hours and seven days a week hence can be able to meet the desires of the consumers who work for long hours to earn their wages. The marketing strategies that will be employed in our company is the use of the social, media, print brochures, television. And also the use of delivery trucks to various destinations. The least startup capital that will be able to sustain the number of all the staff obtain licenses, advertisements and the purchase of the delivery truck. In this case, the cost of the van in the region is estimated to be about sixty thousand United States dollars.

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The company is established in the central business district where most of the populations are situated. Most of the other industries located in the region operate 24 hours a day where they offer short breaks for their employees to seek refreshments between the shifts. Most of the competitors in the area do offer different soft drinks as compared to ours hence, cannot affect the sales target. Their time also is a short as compared to the stallions soft drinks limited. Also, our product will be differentiated to suit the desires of the consumers regarding the packaging and the flavors that is suitable for them.

The company will go an additional mile to develop the customer list that will ensure close contact and follow up with the feedback on the use of our products. The contact list will also help in the delivery of our products to their respective residential and workplace at the cost of the company. To ensure that our products attract the attentions of the customers, there will be promotion tour to various market segments such as the marketplace, learning institutions, heath facilities and the common places where people do interact. The research will also be conducted on the improvement of the services, and this could be aided by having a nutritionist to help in preparation of the appropriate proportions of the ingredients. The management and other operatives are well compensated for their services hence can motivate them to work purposefully of the organization. They are also trained on the trends of the industry.

However, there are some challenges that are perceived as the company weakness at the moment. Since the market is saturated with various soft drinks from the other competitors, there is need to recruit more sales people that can market the products of the company in all the desired market segments. The larger staff population will reduce the profitability of the firm as the training and compensation is highly required. The company will also face first come disadvantage since some of the clients may have developed loyalty to their products. The training of the delivery staff and tendering of the private owners for the delivery services will be a hurdle to the stallion soft drinks limited as an extensive market research need to be undertaken to establish the needs of different market segments.

Numerous opportunities are available for the Stallion soft drinks limited. The products can be differentiated to have a cutting edge among the competitors products. Due to the short time, the competitors operate, the extended working hours will earn the firm more profits. With the initiative, the opponents who used to serve for a short time would be surprised, and this will be an upper hand to our company since some of the clients will have developed loyalty to our products. With the existing market segment increasing demand, the company will source for increased supplier deals to meet the requirements of our clients. The poor service delivery that is experienced with the competitors will also be a boost to our prosperity. They do not offer delivery services to a wide area, and they also offer their soft drinks at high prices that cannot be met by many of the consumers.

The long hours working will support core business activities as the workers will have convenience in carrying out their chores. Due to the extensive marketing through the social media, the services and the products of the company can be extended to the overseas. The product displays will be made on the corporation websites having their attributes then a survey will be conducted in the prospective countries that may require the products. The company will then develop the appropriate mechanism to ensure that the customers receive the products at their convenience.

The possible threats that are likely to face the company is the environment effects where the entry of the competitors is not regulated. This increase number of the products in the market thus increases the competition for the few customers thus reducing on the profit margins. There is also a possibility of the negative publicity by the competitors due to the low prices that we offer in our prices. The same may affect the willingness of the buyers to choose our products. The retention of the key staff will impact also to the profitability of the company since the competitors may try to lure them with attractive packages to have our ideas with them. Political environment will also have an impact on our firm as it may impose higher taxes that will reduce the profitability and also impose adverse regulations that may limit the operations of the business. The company may also be distracted form the main core business as it try to achieve its objectives. Due to the weak financial base at the initial stage of establishment, the enterprise may face vulnerability of being attacked by the major competitors with financial muscles. These threats will in the end reduce the profitability of the firm or collapse of the business if not well managed.

Conclusively, the stallion soft drinks company will work on its primary objectives according to the existing business plan. Therefore it will try to utilize all the available opportunities and provide the quality services to the low income earners in the city. The strengths that the organization such as the skilled personnel and advance technology will be well utilized to ensure that appropriate market share is obtained to sustain the operation of the firm. Extensive research will be conducted both internally and externally so as to ensure that proactive are taken to curb the possible threats that can affect the overall profitability of the company. With all these in the light of the company leaders, the company will thrive to its prosperity hence achieving its goals.

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