Deciding a Prospecting Process

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An effective prospecting is an essential component for any supportable sales attainment. The outcome of prospecting is a list of qualified leads which may buy the companys products and services. Selling might only commence after a lead of qualified categories. When selling is started earlier, there will be a risk of labelling organizations products and services before clearly understanding the organizations prospects.

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When deciding a prospecting process one need to an extensive and objective look of their personal situation, these include:

- To what extend has the company brans recognized by the potential market?

- What are the essential features of the organization?

- How many potential business are out there for the business, basing on the analysis of the company?

- What is the conversion rate of the company that is how many leads it takes in creation of new clients?

- What are the traditional sources of the corporation leads: is it business partners, networking the corporations telemarketing.

- How effective has the business been in its prospecting? Does the company have the tools, skills and determination to make it work?

- What are the measures has the company taken into consideration in giving guidance on where the company needs to strongly put more effort in its investment.

- What are the commitments that the company has put in place towards their customers?

- How much time has been kept aside for prospecting by the organization?

- Prospecting has to be quality and not a quantity effort.

There has to a strong selling power as this is the core reason for a salesperson is creation of customers. When a business is in a position to identify potential customers it is a very important aspect when it comes to customer strategy. This process of personal selling is what is called prospecting. The most important aim of prospecting is to build a prospect base that will consist of existing customers and potential customers. In this accord, it has been found that for those companies that remain competitive they have currents customers accounting for a large percentage of their sales. For this reason the company will always strive to ensure that it keeps their clients satisfied since they provide the repeat business which is a necessity for the corporation to maintain its profitability.

On the same note, each sales personnel is required to cope up with their customer attrition that is, they should avoid the loss of customers over a period of time, and this may be caused by a number of causes. Not unless, there are new prospects in place to replace the lost customers, a sales person will in the long run be faced by a lower income and eventually loss of employment.


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