Decameron: Consequences of Retelling the Story

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Andreuccio is a minor character in the Decameron, which is a story about the prevalence of the Black Death that was ravaging Florence, Italy as per 1348. He was part of a tale that was shared by one of the members of the posse that had left the city for a road trip to evade the chaos that had become rampant in the city full of death. Reading the story through the groups eyes brings it out more of comedy and an adventure that Andreuccio had gone through. Regardless, when it is retold through Andreuccios pair of eyes, it comes out as a tragedy rather than the comedy it was once before. It is evident therefore that the so-called adventures are more of a tragedy that Andreuccio endured on his quest to buy the cheap horses that Naples had to offer.

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When he was conned his 500 gold, Florence can be seen as a comedy. The young unscrupulous Sicilian woman manipulated his mind using the information that she had gained from the other older woman so that she could steal the money. When the story is told as it is, it comes out as a comedy and the audience can laugh at the character for being fooled. On the other hand, Andreuccio is a victim of loneliness, and when he learns that he has a supposed sister, he accepts it. Also, the young woman was using accurate names because the other woman had given her every piece of detail. Andreuccio is robbed of his gold and dumped in an alley all by himself and threatened. When it is retold through Andreuccios eyes, it comes out as a tragedy where he lost all his money and clothes.

The story is an adventurous one considering the several adventures that Andreuccio has been through. Firstly, he is invited over by a woman whom he thinks is respectable. On the contrary, the woman is a prostitute who was majorly interested in his money and pretended to be his secret sister. He is then robbed of his possessions when he slides down a wooden plank and into the alley where he is unable to retrieve his goods. Soon after being robbed, he joins a group going to steal from a tomb. Even though he emerges with the desired ring from the grave, he has faced betrayal from the other two men. Many would consider his life more of an adventure because of the precarious situations he has been in since he came to Naples to buy horses for his dealership.

However, when it is retold through Andreuccio of Perugias eyes, it is no longer an adventure. It comes out as a tragedy that was unexpected considering his naivety. Being robbed of his money, left in a well by the two men he had joined on a quest to steal from the grave and being left alone in the tomb to die are examples of tragic moments and not adventures. The tone and mood of the story also changed from the original version. Andreuccio, through the tale above, is brought out as a victim of circumstance who has been robbed and left for dead. Because of his desire to escape loneliness, his life has been threatened several times in a single night. It is indeed consequential to alter or retell the story through a different pair of eyes. It severely changes the plot of the story and in this case, a comedy and adventure are turned into a tragedy.

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