Deathly Texting

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There is so much to talk about, so many things to discuss your sister has got a new job and texting you about her new boss. She is awful and you need to support her, of course! Your friend has met such a handsome man at the university and they have already gone for a date, and you are so eager to know all the details. Your mother has had a quarrel with your father and she needs your help immediately. But you have so little time for all these talks during your working day and evening shopping, and now you finally got to your car and it is high time to answer all the messages. You start the engine and take your phone in your hands everything as usually. You know that texting while driving is dangerous, but you have done it so many times and everything was fine, so what can happen today?

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This is the description of an average car driver and their thoughts. This is the description of each representative of 77% of young adult, who feel confident about driving and texting at the same time, and 55% of young drivers, who believe that it is easy to text while driving. This is what think 27% of people, who acknowledge that they have sent or receive messages while driving (Texting and Driving Statistics). They may find thousands excuses, explaining texting while vehicles are in motion by urgency of the message, great experience in driving and even holding the cellphone near the windshield to keep the eye on the road as well. Unfortunately, this does not always help, as, according to the statistics, 23% of car accidents, which mean more than 1.3 million collisions, occur on American roads.

According to the data of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the cause of 18% of all lethal crashes and accidents resulted in injuries was driver distraction. To understand better what this 18% actually is, it is important to mention that in 2012, 3,328 people were killed in car accidents and more than 421,000 citizens were injured. If you were driving and texting safely today does not mean you were not risking. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute states that a person who is driving and texting risks 23 times more than a person, who is not destructed. Especially common driving while vehicle is in motion is among young people, as 11% of 18-20-year-old drivers involved in car accidents admitted they were texting or reading messages at the moment of crash (Federal Communications Commission).

All the data mentioned above is only the part of the problem as parents serve as bad examples for many teenagers, texting while driving when their children are present in the car (Madden&Lenhart). Therefore, adults should start changing themselves to show a correct example to their juveniles. Of course, everyone is responsible for themselves and today before starting texting in the car in motion, every person must think twice what is more important urgent message or long life.

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