Database Management in Organizations

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The focus of this paper is to analyze database management in the Coca-Cola Company. The company is globally renowned for selling soft drink commodities by the name sodas. The company is a big corporation, which gives a huge data flow in its entire system. The company operates on locale scale around the globe, where it sells its products at a relatively low price around the globe. Coca-Cola Company makes use of a one name brand marketing strategy around the world. Having operations around the world makes an organization to consider better ways to manage and store the data for further use. A strategy such as the one brand plays a significant importance to help a firm significant cut competition from other related firms.

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There were several responses to the questions I paused to the IS manager in an inquiry. Firstly, makes use of mainstream operations to run its operations. The company makes use of its human resource department to ensure that the welfare of the working staff is good. The company makes use of financial accounting to calculate profits that it makes on its operations. The above mainstream operations need good limits of data handling and both information keeping and retrieval.

The company makes use of IT operations and services purchased from vendors. The reason behind this is that the company operates internationally. In an international context, the company expects more data and information on aspects such as sales, profits and losses realized if any (Glego and Lee, 2012). The above reasons show why the company needs a very vibrant data management system for its operations. The IS manager added that file processing and data processing are fast and efficient. This is because large files that contain important and vital information needed by the companys operations are stored in the Information Technology (IT) systems of the company.

The company uses database approach in its operations. The reason behind this is that data needs to be shared on regular occasions. The company possesses various offices and branches around the globe. For the operations to be effective and efficient, all the branches and offices have to get access to the data effectively as the data needs to be manipulated on regular occasions (Pokorny, 2010). Apparently, the company rarely uses the flow chart system for its operations. The main reason behind this is that database approach is efficient and effective for its global operations.

Coca-Cola Company uses naming standards as its main marketing strategy. The use of a one name brand strategy helps the brand to market itself as it operates on locale scale basis. In addition, the strategy plays a key role in maintenance of consistency. In marketing and advertisement basis, the company uses the advantage of having a one brand name around the globe. The company also uses the strategy to reduce competition as it sells its products at a relatively low price. The use of a consistent one-brand strategy and good data base systems to manage the companys operations plays a key role in ensuring of efficiency on ways the company operates.

Through an analysis, the naming standards are ideal. The reason behind this is that the company uses the standards as the main strategy to realize profits and run its operations effectively. To add on, the naming standards of the company are effectual as the company has been in existence for decades from it advent. If naming standards shows negative results, the company would have changed the name severally. Naming standards are vital as they play a key role in marketing an organization (Tahat and Salah, 2011). A brand name additionally plays a key function in retention of customers.

The standards are uniform and consistent. Viewing operations of the company in a global content, there is uniformity of relatively positive results and outcomes from its operations. The aspect of consistency comes in as the company has operated for decades since it started production of soft drinks. Dynamism is another important aspect that helps the company keep up uniformity and consistency in its operations.

In conclusion, database management is quite effective in the Coca-Cola Company. The main reason behind this is that through analysis of it operations in decades in an international context have resulted to positive results. The system handles huge data, as the company needs to receive access and retrieve data very fast and effectively. Naming standards are vital in terms of marketing an organization to the public. One name brand strategy applied by the Coca-Cola Company plays a vital role in ensuring of effective marketing. Applications of such type of strategies are significant to a large company such as the Coca-Cola Company. The use of good data management parameters also has positive outcomes to a firm and its operations.


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