Criminal Justice and My Future Contribution

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Oscar Wilde denoted that the only way to get rid of enticement is to yield to it. The part it plays within the context of the criminal justice as the primary force behind a corrupt psyche, is a matter which compels my inquisitive and investigative mind to expedite in a deeper knowledge and understanding. Do we as a society and the corrupt as an individual, require temptation to commit the despicable act of corruption? Furthermore, is it the real nature of the inducement within both society and the mind that cause that crime, and do both depend on each other for survival? The questions are endless, and as time goes by, the possible interpretations for corrupt persons seem to be infinite, with different forms of corruption evolving each day. The most significant individuals involved in corruption who gained by interest are correctional officers. These people are responsible for overseeing individuals who commit crimes and are awaiting trial. Ironically, they engage in corruption openly as if it is neither an evil act nor a crime instead of serving as role models in the society. The enormous array of intricacies surrounding correctional officers behavior enthralls me in many ways. That is the reason I want to research why they are corruptible and give solutions to my findings. I will satisfactorily carry out this research because of my 20 years of experience in policy research on higher education. I am saddened by the top school experience in my country because education has become a privilege and not a right by every citizen. So, there are many policies to change where the higher education field is concerned. Finding and understanding what drives correctional officers to be corrupt will help in addressing the issue before it is too late.

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The University of XXX is the idyllic institution to support my academic quests since the research and publications they made in this field of criminal justice like XXX (name some of the studies in the faculty corresponding to your area of interest) are of great importance to my society and the world in general. The work of this department, therefore, dovetails impeccably with my research interest. In particular, the findings of Professor XXX on XXX are foundational to my current work. Likewise, the work of Professor XXX on XXX is very intriguing to me as a path for future research. Both of their works are in line with my career goals, and that is why I would like to collaborate with the two professors. In addition to that, I would appreciate the chance to learn from and work with the entire faculty of XXX team in various projects to advance my knowledge on the field.

Becoming a researcher who can add to the available body of knowledge in the field of criminal justice is my primary objective in pursuing my doctorate at the University of XXX in XXX.That is so, due to my strong belief that it is only through criminal justice that the society can be transformed for the better with an accentuate on correctional system. Nevertheless, I want to be able to change some policies on our correctional system to make it safer for our correctional officers and mobilize the indicted criminals to be more productive in our prisons and jail. My dream is to Join your highly-esteemed program and to work with the guidance of your enthusiastic faculty members to attain the top-notch training through provision of tools necessary to develop my research skills and enhance my knowledge in the field of criminal justice. It is my hope that through my future research, my findings will one day lead to breakthroughs in this contemporary world where crimes are rampant. Besides criminal justice, I also have an interest in Information Technology (IT). As technology occupies a substantial part of our lives, I thought it would be helpful to certificate my skills: I plan to obtain various certificates in IT such as diploma in programming and database management to supplement my career. Above all, I strive to be a role model for others which I never had while growing up.

I am an ideal candidate for University of XXX criminal justice program owing to my extensive experience in the education field for more than 20 years. While in the area of teaching, I did numerous projects at a personal and professional level on relevant topics such as human behaviors, interactions, and educational policies. The findings of those work will play an integral part in the institution by helping me make informed decisions in my future works. Education and criminology both entail dealing with people, their behaviors, and society as a whole creating a relationship between the two disciplines.I possess fervent desire to analyze and understand people's behavior and logic.That was apparent since my days as a child making Criminal Justice my ideal area of interest. Personally am hardworking, dedicated, loyal, keen observer, straightforward and a determined person with an analytical mind. Collaboration and teamwork are my most valuable strengths and essential ingredients to succeed in any field. The expertise I possess will come in handy when in your institution to help the faculty in conducting cutting-edge research, whose findings will aid in making this world a better place for everybody.

Finally, I would like to pursue graduate study at the XXX due to the reputation of the Department of XXX and because I believe the size of both the University and the Department of XXX would be ideal for the kind of Research I would like to take. To further my field in criminal justice, I have a strong belief that it is vital for us as researchers and professors to pass on not only our knowledge but also our desire for the field. As an aspiring criminologist, the challenge that advanced research presents motivate me and am ready to share my enthusiasm. I would like to pursue graduate studies not only because I will be researching on criminal justice, but also because I aspire to serve as a motivator and positive example for future generations of professionals in the field. I am particularly attracted to the University of XXX because it offers plenty of opportunities for teaching. I am enthusiastic about taking the crucial step to a professional career in Criminal Justice.

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