Conflict as Plot Development in the Stories

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Twain and Thuber have used conflict to develop their humorous writing in their stories. First, in New England Weather, the narrator speaks about sumptuous variety about the New England weather that compels the strangers admiration. This shows how the weather has created the right image to the strangers. This weather always gets up new designs as the narrator say. A conflict is seen when the people in the New England continue to kill a lot of poet writer about Beautiful Spring and this happens every year. Despite the narrator understanding about the real nature offered by New England weather the people of this land disagree and this is evidenced when they kill poet writers who advertise this environment through poems.

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Another conflict appears in The Dog that Bit people story. Uncle Horatio demands to feed Muggs on the floor, but this is not done in narrators family house. The family opts to put the food plate on top of an old kitchen table with a bench alongside the table. On the other hand, Uncle Horatio fails to understand why they use the table and even become furious. Narrator father intercepts this when he says that Muggs had already been feed. But the uncle demands to feed it again and, there is a hard time in quieting him. Moreover, Muggs spent practically all his time outdoors since he held many unpleasant memories while inside the house. A conflict arises because Muggs hindered garbage man, the Iceman, and laundryman from coming near the house. Arrangement to lock the dog in the house is made in order the gas meter to be read and other activities to continue.

Comparison of Hyperbole

The narrator in New England Weather describes how lightning affects strangers. When the baton is heightened, and the real concert begins, the stranger is found down in the cellar with his head in the ash-barrel. The size of the weather in New England is said to go beyond the edges, and the narrator says that you can see cracks all about where she has strained herself trying to do it. In this weather, the whole tree sparkles cold and white, like the Shas of Persias diamond plume. Similarly, in The Dog that Bit people, the narrator says that Muggs got Roy and gave him a pretty vicious bite in the leg. According to narrators mother, the dog had a quick temper and did not hold a grudge. These words outline the point of exaggeration in the story. The narrator says that Muggs came wandering into the room like Hamlet following his fathers ghost.

Comparison of Understatement

In weather description, narrator indicates how the Old Probabilities fail to give exact nature of weather and say probably northeast to southwest winds, possible areas of rain, snow, hail, and drought, succeeded or preceded by earthquakes. There is no confidence in these statements since the appropriate information required is not captured. Similarly, in The Dog that Bit people story, the mother of the narrator only says sorry whenever someone was bitten by the dog. Furthermore, when Mrs. Detweiler gets a bite from the dog, the mother examined the bite and told her it was only a bruise. This statement does not indicate any concern for assistance to Mrs. Detweiler.

Comparison of Diction

The weather is said to have bullying vagaries, the leafless tree is clothed with ice-beads, and the whole tree sparkles cold and white like the Shah of Persias diamond plume. These style of words give a further explanation about the New England Weather. Diction is also used in The Dog that Bit People when the narrator give the detail about the dog that she had a red rubber bib tucked around her throat. This illustrates the nature to the reader.

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