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BMC is a company based in Houston, Texas that engages in providing software solutions for various firms or individuals. The organization serves to enhance business operations. Most organizations engage in activities in a traditional manner making it difficult for them to realize their full potential. BMC bridges the gap by offering software solutions to such business giving them a competitive advantage. The company is managed by a team of professional leaders with Robert Beauchamp being the Chairman of the Board and also adding up as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Paul Appleby is Executive Vice President of the organization and is in charge of worldwide sales and marketing. Other administrative officials are Brian Bergdoll and Monika Fahlbusch, who are vice presidents in charge of sales and administration respectively (Huxoll, 2004). The company offers services such as digital service management, digital service assurance, digital enterprise automation and digital infrastructure optimization. It has over six thousand employees all based in over thirty countries across the globe. Amongst other achievements are a customer base of over ten thousand plus and has been in operation for over thirty-five years in IT management and solution (Martin, Sirjani, Seppi & Keeler, 2000).

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Process involved in the research and writing profile

In coming up with the information about the organization, there was a need to collect information from various sources. Notably, for BMC Software, the company directory was helpful when it came to getting information about the organization. The library was also useful since it provided the material required for carrying out the research. The library had business journals some of which did have information about the operations of BMC Software. The information found from the study included that of the management of the organization, the number of employees that the company was having and the global clientele. Further, information got from the source was about the services that were being provided by the corporation (Pederson, 2005). Notably, most of the services were based on digital transformation and how they were helping various organizations in the change process. Much information derived from the library was helpful since it had a broad perspective of the organization. Also, the internet was instrumental in getting much information about the organization. Information about BMC Software was also found from annual reports that the company was publishing some of which was found in the library. In the annual report, the finances of the company were reflected and the activities they were engaging.

Emphasis of report for a student w/a BS in Computer Science

The information presented in the company is an indication of it being the most appropriate for a student studying Computer Science. Being a digital company, the student will have an opportunity of learning much because of the nature of activities that are being conducted. Further, there is the concept of the company having been in operation for over thirty-five years. It is an indication of the milestones it has achieved when it comes to offering services to its clients. The many years of service is an indication of a strong foundation that the company has when it comes to digital services. The student doing Computer Science would have much to benefit from the experience that it has. Apart from the training, there is a chance of securing employment because of the expansion of the services that they are offering.


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