Latin Performance in Club El Patio

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I visited Club El patio and was privy of a live Latin performance there. It was presented on a redesigned section of the bar which was made into a stage. The performers of the day that included various musicians were not in uniform and were mainly in their personal style with simple jean clothing. The had an even acoustic sound which was very real and clear making it audible at any place in the bar. The audience was especially attentive and engaging cheering and singing along to popular Latin tunes being played. The performance comprised of various songs. Some of the songs I would describe to have a jazz theme. One of the performance had a guitarist, a drummer, bassist, and pianist. The first songs had a constant relatively slower tempo warming up the audience. As the band played the more popular, earthy and funky songs, the audience got up on their feet and danced along. The piano was specifically unique and expertly played soothing the audience with a smooth sound. The solo guitarist was, however, the most entertaining act of the night. His solo mesmerized the entire club with its melody.

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There was a Brazilian standard tune presence in the act. The bassist integrated the pizzicato technique effectively making me wonder why this preference over the arco technique. The last performance was a ballad which I would consider to have established a romantic and more relaxing ambiance. It consisted of a constant and steady tempo. The club did not provide adequate lighting for such a performance. Some of the audience seemed to struggle to view the stage. The stage platform would have been elevated to enable audience a proper look at the performance. Most songs played by the performers were in Spanish which seemed to attract a predominantly Latino audience, however, few English words in the songs played seemed to add a metropolitan element to the songs. Costumes would have made the performance especially more entertaining since the band would have provided a more visual presence. The entire performance has an array of songs from different performances and solo sessions. The songs were played were well timed to the audience mood, especially the more vigorous songs that would require audience participation.

The slow songs, however, seemed to not come at an appropriate time since they preceded the more vigorous ones that had required dancing. The most exciting point of the performance would have to be the climax of the performance. The audience was left yearning for more and wishing that the show would go on. The last song performed energized the audience. At this time, the venue was full with a few revelers lacking seats. The club was packed to the fullest a testament the quality of the performance expected. Most disappointing about the performance was the brevity of the event which left a majority of the audience in clamoring for a second act or an encore. The musical expectation and entertainment of the multi-cultural audience were fulfilled. A future event by the same musicians would be well attended at the venue, however, the planners would have to a venue that the stage would be seen by the audience at each point in the venue. In general, the band was composed and skilled enough to have been ranked by many as one of the best in a long time.

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