Article Analysis Essay on Speculating About Technology in Ethics

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The article delves into speculation on technological advancements and the corresponding effect on various aspects. It looks at technological aspects from conceptualization stage, through experimentation stage to practical recommendations. It also looks at the importance of theoretical knowledge in the process.

I will analyze the style aspect of the article. The article makes use of analogies and hypothesis to bring out concepts and to appeal to its audience. For example, the article uses the analogy of speculation about a pill that is intended to remediate fatigue. Hannah says, Imagine that there is a pill that is completely safe, and effective at remediating fatigue. Should the surgeon/pilot/bus driver be required to take it? If so, should we subsequently expect more of him or her in terms of performance? This analogy clearly brings out the speculation that comes about as a result of new discoveries.

In another example the article uses the analogy of a God machine to illustrate the anxiety that is brought about by speculation in technological advancements. Hannah states, -their discussion of the God machine a bioquantum computer that by modifying agents intentions intervenes to prevent very harmful acts is a strictly philosophical exercise. This analogy illustrates the anxiety can come about as a result of great expectations from speculation in technology advancement.

The above examples make the article rhetoric effective. This is because they aid the reader in understanding the idea being discussed and hence the conclusions being drawn. The use of analogies enables the audience to relate what is being discussed, with something that is more familiar to them, and hence they are in a position to reason logically and draw conclusion on the main topic of discussion.

The Dalai Lama article also delves into scientific discoveries and is therefore in concurrence with Hannahs article. For example, Dalai says, Any new scientific breakthrough that offers commercial prospects attracts tremendous interest and investment from both the public sector and private enterprise This is in relation to the outcome of speculation in technological advancement, which draws a lot of attention from various quarters of those involved. Technological advancements involve scientific research and experiments and can, therefore be regarded to as scientific breakthrough.

In another instance Dalai states, If we examine the philosophical basis underlying much of human ethics, a clear recognition of the principle that correlates greater knowledge and power with a greater need for moral responsibility serves as a key foundation. This is in relation to Hannahs article where she delves into the ethical responsibility one should have when speculating on new technology. This involves making sure one has sufficient and appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge of the area involved.

I prefer to look at this from a deontology perspective. Regardless of the outcome of developing new technology, it is important that one considers the impact of their actions while in the process of development on others. This provides a weighing scale between the positive impacts of the new technology and the negative impacts. This, in turn, will lead to more appropriate and logical decision making. The result should always add value to human life and seek to reduce negative impacts as much as possible.

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