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Strange animals have been said to exist in various parts of the world and stories of the existence of these creatures have become viral. The recent story is that of the Bigfoot. The existence of the creature Bigfoot has been debated for a while. The issue of whether the creature exists or not has become something that most scientists have been trying to figure out. The Legend of Bigfoot is a documentary that was initially produced in the year 1976 and directed by Harry Winer that talks about the Bigfoot. Over time research has been done to determine this fact and this paper explains one side of this argument. The existence of the Bigfoot is not a hoax. This paper outlines why the existence of the Bigfoot is true and outlines the various pieces of evidence available to support this.

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The Bigfoot also referred to as Sasquatch refers to a hairy creature that when one looks at appears to be half ape and half man. The creature is said to be approximately between seven to about fifteen feet tall. It is covered with fur that is reddish-brown in color and just like humans, the creature walks on two legs. The creature is said to have been existed in different parts of the world for many years. The evidence of the existence of the Bigfoot is said to be traced back to indigenous populations as well as the ancient Indian tribes. It is from these people that stories have been passed down describing the existence of man-like creatures that are very hairy. With the evidence collected today regarding the Bigfoot, it seems like the Bigfoot and the creatures described are the same creatures since they seem to possess the same features.

There are several pieces of evidence that have been put forward to indicate that the existence of the Bigfoot is not a hoax. The evidence ranges from pictures and videos that have captured the creature. There are also sounds, sightings, smells and footprints. When consideration of the sightings of the Bigfoot as evidence is made, the creature has been seen in various parts of the world and on several continents. Some of the sightings of the creature are the Himalayas, the United States and some people have claimed to see similar creatures in Canada. The other evidence that comes with the sighting of the Bigfoot is that of the smell. The smell associated with this creature is strong and has a very foul odor. Those that have heard the sounds made by the Bigfoot have cited the fact that the sound is not something that one can easily forget. The creature produces a loud sound that many have said travels to far distances, approximately three to four miles from the place of origin.

Out of all the evidence that indicate the existence of the Bigfoot, the one that is mostly used is the footprint evidence. Many types of research have associated the name given to the creature to the footprint it leaves behind whenever it goes through a place. Researchers have stated the fact that the footprint of the Bigfoot looks like that of the human foot. The only difference with that of the humans is the size. Shreds of evidence regarding the footprints of the Bigfoot indicate that over the years of the research over 900 footprints have been found that are attributed to this creature. The creature is said to feet whose length is approximately 15.6 inches in length each. The width of each foot is said to be about 7.2 inches. Although most people who do not believe in the existence of the Bigfoot say that the footprints could possibly have been made by molds that have large feet, the researchers say that the foot is human like and no human has that size of the foot.

Besides the footprints, there are various other reasons that people do not believe in the existence of the Bigfoot. One is that the sounds that the researchers claim to be made by the Bigfoot could have been made by pranksters using the computers. They also claim that the creature that is shown in the photographs, as well as the videos, could just be a man in a costume that is altered and made to look like the creature that the researchers describe. The zoologists have also disregarded the existence of the creature claiming that bones, as well as any other conclusive evidence, has not been unearthed to indicate the existence of this creature. Therefore, without these things, then the stories that are told to indicate the existence of the creature are either fictional or as a result of hallucinations.

It is clear that the matter regarding the existence of the Bigfoot has not been concluded. There are those who using the evidence provided by researchers believe that the creature exist and there are those who oppose the evidence provided and thus believe that the creature does not exist. However, it is clear that the evidence provided has some basis when it comes to the existence of the creature. It is important to note that more work needs to be done regarding the matter but that doesnt mean that the creature does not exist and thus the research provided is false. When the two sides are considered, information provided clearly suggests the existence of the creature.

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