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April Morning is a novel about the coming of age of Adam Cooper during the Lexington Battle; it was written in 1961 by Fast Howard. Fast who depicts the Concord and the Battle of Lexington from a teenagers perspective wrote it. It is a twenty-four hour story of Adam Cooper on 19 April 1775. The plot of this story is carried along by the voice of Adam who tells us of his surrounding and his life. His father, that afternoon sent him to go and draw water for him mother, from the well. His father criticizes him of disrespect and laziness and he then argues with his younger brother "Slow to start and quick to finish" (p. 7). They argued About Adam putting a spell so as to remove a curse that was in the well water. After he completed his task, he headed upstairs to talk to his first talk to his mother and grandmother afterwards. They later on go downstairs for dinner. They pray and start feasting on the donkers and pudding. While they were eating, Moses began confronting Adam about the spell that is usually said while drawing water. As a result of that confrontation, an argument starts which is luckily interrupted by the arrival of Cousin Simmons. He has a statement drafted on the rights of man and is seeking criticism from Moses, Adams father on their certain hopes of liberation from the British. He was part of the committee that night. It was no wonder that men listened to him and heeded his words, (p. 68).

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After dinner was over and he completed some evening chores, he headed over to the Simmons house to meet with his love Ruth and go out for a walk. Ruth comes and they head out for a walk. Adam kisses Ruth and they head towards her home. When I kissed her, I felt that my heart would tear through my chest for excitement and wonder (p.73). Adam then heads back to his home too. On his arrival, Levi is spotted by Adam cleaning his gun. This makes Adam angry but his mother lets Levi continue cleaning it. Adam then heads upstairs and goes to sleep. While he was on his bed, he overhears his parents as they talk about the committee meeting that they had had earlier on.

Adam is awakened suddenly by his brother Levi; he draws his attention to a rider who is very speedy that stops at the central part of the town. The whole family is now awake and curious to know what is happening. People quickly come out and gather around the rider who was on the green. He informed the people of the town that the British were coming and may march through Adams town. He hurriedly runs of the town. This news stirs argument among the crowd in regard to whether to muster the militia. The crowd then agreed to muster it. Adam also signs up and he went to his home when he overheard his parents designate him as a man. When he walks in, he is chastised by his father and Adam loads his gun to go to the muster.

When all the men together with Adam arrive at the green, they fall into order and they sent the women and the children inside. They stood thee for hours until when the redcoats marched into their town. They then began to open fire to the militia. Moses falls and this leads to Adam running away. He hides in a nearby smokehouse until his brother Levi comes in I put a lot more trust in my two legs than in the gun, because the most important thing I had learned about war was that you could run away and survive to talk about it (p.131). Levi advices Adam to leave town as the British were searching the entire town. Adam jumps over a wall and he meets Solomon Chandler who feeds and gives Adam comfort over the death of his father You witnessed a mighty terrible thing, but men are clever when it comes to doing sinful and beastly things to other men (108). Then meet the Reverend, Cousin Simmons and Cousin Dover. They continue walking until they get to the militia encampment. They plan several ambushes and he shares his story about the massacre that happened on Lexington Green... the whole world appeared to be crumbling around us; and none of us had been prepared for it or had anticipated it (p. 148).

They send a horseman to scout while they lay down, awaiting for the British on the road. The horseman returns while the British followed and they attacked them. They were not pursued by the British so they rested as they planned for their next ambush. During the next ambush, Adam falls asleep and he is awakened by the Reverend and Cousin Simmons who were searching for his body We had won the battle, but there is less joy in winning the battle than the history books tell you (p. 155). They send him home where he is greeted by Levi. Inside the house are mourners. Adams mother then sends him to get a coffin for his other and to send it to church. After that, he eats dinner lights candles for his father and goes home where he retires to bed.

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Fast, H. (1961). April morning: A novel. New York: Crown Publishers.

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