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The pursuit of education has become the desire for most people who desire to acquire more knowledge and skills regarding their career prospects. Institutions that value education such that they release competent graduates reflect success and progress in the education process. That is why the purpose of this letter is to request for an admission to your institution, Seattle University. Also, the institution has a good reputation associated with business courses. My current GPA is 3.67 as indicated on my transcript which is among the attached files. My interest is in business courses such as business law and accounting, and therefore I find it important to apply for a position in your institution. The courses present a comprehensive analysis concerning the business environment and hence aligning with my career interests.

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My studies at Bellevue College, despite the confusion, opened up my mind regarding my future especially in becoming a successful businessman. I still experience challenges with the English language despite taking a course on ESL at Bellevue College immediately I landed in the U.S. in 2012. To curb this challenge, I have enrolled in five English courses which are improving my English proficiency. I am surrounded by family members who have excelled in the business market and therefore increasing my drive of pursuing business courses.

Some of the knowledge and skills that I have obtained from Bellevue College include adequate communication skills, interpersonal skills, and innovation skills; skills that I trust will be of great help during my program in your institution.

I carried out research about Seattle University and was fascinated with the values that govern it. They include care, academic excellence, faith, diversity, leadership, and justice. With the presence of such an environment, I am certain that both my professional and interpersonal skills will be sharpened. Furthermore, through its vision that focuses on providing service to the society, I will be able to take part in activities that will bring a difference for both the school and the involved society.

Some of my best qualities that I am sure will be of benefit to the school include innovativeness, a competitor, and an achiever in addition to being a learner. I believe in hard work and being the best in every activity that I embark on. I have been brought up in an environment where laziness is not tolerated but rather hard work and dedication. With such dedication in addition to the competencies provided by the institution, success in my academics is guaranteed.

With changes in interest, I am incapable of continuing with my studies at Bellevue College. My current GPA is high, but I find my interests pressing towards the business arena. Hence, from a personal perspective, I find it important to engage in a course that interests me instead of positioning myself in an area that I am half-dedicated in addition to viewing it as monotonous. With the schools mission of educating the whole person, to professional formation, and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world, I am certain that after finishing my business program in your institution, my career prospects will be promising. I would really appreciate if you mail me the institutions prospectus in addition to details regarding the course.

You may reach me on my phone number which is 1-456-2367-4959 or through me an email address which is [email protected] . I will highly appreciate your response.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully.


[Your Name]

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