Animal Testing as an Ethical Issue

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Steven Spielberg once said, the only hunter who can kill when not hungry is a human being. And I dont dispute his words at all. For years now, I have been bothered by animal rights and cruelty, something that I feel I should share out with you and also believe that you look at it from the same perspective am presenting it to you.

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For years, we have been treated to lies and cover-ups trying to authenticate and make the animal testing look better than we all know it. While we look at animals as companions with rights to life, another view them as means of advancing medical experiments. The fact here is that cosmetic companies and research facilities are exploiting animals at our watch.

Each year, we subjected millions of animals such as dogs, cats mice, and hamsters to physical and mental torture due to scientific practices. They are gassed, infected and blinded in secret laboratories. The perpetrators claim that this experiments benefit of humanity, which may be true or not, but does it mean that human beings are superior living creatures? If the inherent value of this research is to reduce our pets which most of you have and other innocent animals into to mere tools for research is the experiment admissible before very humanity?

Animals like any human being have senses, the, think, experience pain and have feelings only that they cannot talk if they are confined, inflicted of pain deprived of food, and other physical restraints. They use crude methods such as forcing animals to inhale and swallow toxic substance. Who should stand in for this animal are we going to remain silent and be judged by history? Why cant we also involve human being in these experiments? Are we working to the best interest of humanity in such experiments when less than two%of diseases in people appear in animals? If anything, animal testing is not safe as we may believe, because it involves extrapolating data in animals that have different genes and metabolic pathways to be used in human beings. We are yet to fill the proceeds of these experiments yet innocent animals continue to suffer based on assumptions and the null hypothesis.

Let us all Rise Against Animal Testing (speech seeking action)

We cannot sit back and complain when our nature and our heritage is at risk, our ancestors never subjected animals to torture yet they invented best drugs, they never died because they never used animals in experiments but because their time had come. It a generational affair, and looking back to our history which we cannot change, we have the reason to stand for what is right for our animals. Some experiments such as Draize eye test used by cosmetics companies to determine how to shampoo and other similar products because irritation is a disgrace to humanity. In this experiment, researchers incapacitate rabbits in stocks with their eyelids open for multiple days. Surprisingly, no any anesthesia for relief, which pleasure are we finding in the pain of these animals? To test the amount of substance that can cause death in 50% of animal, they use LD50. Animals are hooked up to tubes that pump an enormous amount of test products into their stomach until they die. The procedure is painful to animals and death takes long to occur, pet vomit, diarrhea, bleed and even convulse in the process, is it worth is sure?

Most of these experiments fail. According to Org A 2009 peer review trial involving rodents have terribly failed, why should we routinely sacrifice animals for poor research? Who is the held responsible for such outcomes? It is a shame to use animals in a wasteful way without guilty where did our humanity go?

I am not saying this because I opposed to research, in 2009, EU group for animals outlawed testing animals for cosmetic purposes and illegalized the sale of products tested. I am now calling upon all of you to boycott all cosmetic products tested on animals from now and stop all contributing towards medical research charity because you might be funding the vice. Lets channel our gift and donation towards animal protection agencies; I have here with me a subscription form for all of you to fill after this, let's stand and say no to animal testing and rise against animal testing. Thank you.

The difference between speech seeking action and persuasive agreement speech is that speech is seeking action illicit emotion by citing issues that need immediate action and why is it necessary to act now for instance in the case above, there is suffering from animals because of the process used to do the experiment.At the same time, research institutions are getting charity funds that are supporting these activities.On the other, persuasive agreement speech only attempt to win consensus and an agreement on the issue at hand.It entails convincing the audience and sway them into accepting the issue at hand. For instance, animal testing result have no direct benefit to people.

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