Analysis Essay on Human Trafficking as Linked to Poor Distribution of Wealth

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The fact that the vice of human trafficking have become perennial suggest the presence of a conducive and incubating environment for the vice. This begs a question: What exactly is this kind of incubator? The thesis above strives to unearth the root cause of human trafficking, as it aims to eradicate and exterminate the vice. In essence, the thesis statement suggests that poor distribution of wealth and resources is the main incubator and good environment under which the vice flourishes. It is with this point of view that the research will be built on. The proposal is built on a good foundation of meeting the problem at its core or its roots. It is prudent to invest in this kind of proposal because of the following reasons. For one, human trafficking causes negative psychological effects. In this way, a majority of the victims are normally those of a tender age. Those who are trafficked for sexual exploitation normally face a lot of psychological trauma. CITATION Tra10 \l 1033 ( Trafficking in Persons Report 2010, 2010). Reports have shown that US is the leading destination of sex trafficking, where children are exploited for pornographic films. When an innocent child is introduced to such traumatizing experiences, a lot of psychological damage is expected to suffice.

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Another reason why human trafficking should be gotten rid of is that it causes tremendous negative health degradation on the side of victims. Normally, victims are forced to do weird and damaging activities like sex. In most cases, they are forced into unprotected sexual exploitation. In this case, they are dangerously exposed to hazardous diseases like HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases. Some of them are raped, consequently causing other health complications like problems in child bearing and fistula, in girls. The kind of environment they are exposed in is also inhumanly. Those who have been captured forcefully are exposed to poor nutrition and devastating dwelling environments. Some of these health effects are irreversible, and the victims are forced into living desperate and bitter lives. Also, economic effects are far more devastating. Most of the victims of human trafficking are at their prime and productive age. They are the future of a society, since they have strength and a bright future. What human trafficking essentially does is to kill and murder the future of these children and society as a whole. The society is left with a huge deficit of energy and a future to look up to. Human trafficking normally cause long term negative effects on the society because, it deprives the society of the useful resources it depends on for development. These children are supposed to go to school and later become of useful help to the society. Instead they are trafficked and exploited. Therefore, they skip critical steps in their lives that would have been used to create and develop a bright future. Apart from social-economic deprivation, human trafficking is the worst form of denial, infringement and deprivation of human dignity. The victims of human trafficking have all their rights robbed. CITATION She10 \l 1033 (Shelley, 2010).

The above points provide clear reasons why the proposal should be accorded maximum support. When the root cause is unearthed, then the vice would be killed from the roots. In order to collect the necessary resources, I will utilize existing data and information. In this case, I will be examining the characteristics of both the victims and perpetrators of human trafficking. Usage of different varieties of variables would be an added advantage to increase the strength of the argument. It is with proper examination of the prevailing conditions and characteristics that will provide a good basis for examination.

Literature review

Existing studies

There are a total of 20.9 million human trafficking victims globally, according to International Labor Organization. CITATION Mar10 \l 1033 (Tremblay, 2010). This is a huge group to behold, given that slavery is claimed to have been abolished a long time ago. It shows that the practice is still on, only that it is done illegally and in a different version. According to the definition of U.S law, victims of human trafficking have been categorized into three: children under the age of 18, being trafficked for sexual exploitation, adults who are either at the age of 18 or above, who are forced, coerced or manipulated into commercial sex and adults and children who are either forced, fraudulently manipulated or coerced into forced labor or services. CITATION Cra11 \l 1033 (Fagan, 2011). According to these categories, it is clear that all of them bear the fact that victims dont operate under their own volition. Also, both the children and adults fall victim of this practice. Some of the existing major factors causing human trafficking include:

Leaving a place of poverty to gain wealth

A majority of victims of human trafficking fall under this category. One of the major causes of human trafficking is poverty. In this case, manipulation is played out in the form of dangling the carrot of better jobs and living standards. Most victims normally fall into this trap, while trying to seek refuge in other well doing countries. Most of them re promised good jobs and better salaries. Because they are poor and have no other means of making money, they are easily lured. This is normally true with the third world countries where there is an increased level of poverty. Most of the people in these countries normally think that flying to well to do countries would guarantee them heaven. However, most of them fall into the hands of human traffickers. CITATION She101 \l 1033 (Shelley, Human trafficking: A global perspective, 2010).

Political conditions

Most countries normally experience flourishing of human trafficking because of a flourishing state of corruption. In order to experience a easy growth in business, human traffickers normally bribe their way out. Reports indicate that 1 out of 10 human traffickers are prosecuted for their crime. The rest normally go scot free. It is in this case therefore, that we realize an alarming rate of corruption. Human trafficking business generates a total of $32 billion annually (Murphy, 2014). This figure clearly shows the lucrativeness of the illegal business. Therefore, most of the powerful people in authority, including politicians are connected to the trade. Most of them operate by weakening the legal systems and using their authority to propagate impunity.


Corruption and human trafficking form a perfect couple. This is because, for human trafficking to flourish, authorities have to be absent at all, considering that the rule of law governing human trafficking has already been put in place. Now, if there exists laws governing human trafficking, what could be the reason why the vice flourish as if it is legal? The answer for this would be nothing else but corruption. CITATION Phi10 \l 1033 (Bezlov, 2010). The powerful individuals wielding authorities have influenced the system to become highly lucrative and less risky at the same time. This has been possible considering that the consequences for practicing this vice have been loosened such that the risk of participating in it becomes very low. It is then with this kind of factor that has made human trafficking persistently growing. In most cases, the push-pull factors play a lot in driving human trafficking. In this case, the push factors include some of the harsh conditions like war and political unrest and poverty. The pull factors involve some of the most promising conditions of having a better jobs and improved way of life. Human traffickers woo the innocent individuals affected by push factors. High level corruption exists even in countries that are taught to have strong systems that tackle corruption. For example, high-level members of staff at the French and Belgian embassies were caught issuing visas to groups of organized crimes and prostitutes. CITATION Sti11 \l 1033 (Stillman, 2011).

In order to eradicate the vice of human trafficking, various remedies have been suggested, as will be discussed below. If the human trafficking vice is to be exterminated, then there should effectiveness in bridging the gap that exists in human trafficking and corruption. Since human trafficking normally occurs at cross border levels, it definitely means that there should be a common law that specifically tackles human trafficking, especially at a cross-border or international level. Civil societies, governments and the international community need to come to a consensus and chart a way forward, to incorporate human trafficking into the agenda of anti-corruption (Cullen-DuPont, 2009). Consequently, it will be prudent to concentrate these set of laws poverty prone areas in order to mitigate the effects of push that would make victims vulnerable. If the pull and push factors are tackled concurrently, it would be very easy to create a strong and long lasting solution to the problem at hand. One of the major forces that have been dragging these efforts behind includes the fact that the less developed countries depend on a good relationship with the highly developed countries. CITATION Esp16 \l 1033 (Esposito & Costa, 2016).

Also existing studies show that the following areas represent some of the major areas that need to be dealt with in order to deal with the vice of human trafficking. One of them is the assessment of trafficking in specific destinations and origins. In this case, some of the prevailing factors that encourage the vice of human trafficking form flourishing would be clearer. In assessing some of these origins and destinations, some of the incubators would be dealt with. This is important because, not all countries or regions experience human trafficking with the same rate and frequency. Therefore, if some of the most prevailing areas are properly examined and the problem ironed out, dealing with other areas would be easier. In the examination, one would then clearly understand some of the prevailing and persistent trends, source of trafficking and the role of corruption. Also spending time and resources in understanding the secondary intermediaries that are involved in human trafficking would be resourceful. If all the associates and attachments of the trade is cut off, it will be a good way to suffocate the practice. If all the source of funding is basically rooted out, it would be hard for the vicious practice to continue surviving.

Another existing remedy is the suggestion to demand strong will on the part of governments and authorities in tackling the practice. It will be more effective to fight the vice if the government is backing and fully committed in dealing with the issue. Clear goals and vision on the side of the government ought to be put in place. In this case, it will be more efficient to fight corruption and human trafficking.

Gaps in the study

According to the studies put across above, it is clear that the solutions suggested dont originate from the root causes of human trafficking. Generally, the general suggestions concentrate on policies and government legislations. The question of what is the single factor of which the human trafficking originates has been sidelined. It therefore of great importance to consider has to look carefully into one area that would be most likely be the root of all the factors rising from the vice of human trafficking. The reason why a great stride has been made in the eradication of legal slavery is that a lot has been achieved in improving living standards and increasing the literacy levels in the society. It is theref...

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