Cause and Effect Essay on Negative Effects of Trumps Travel Ban on U.S. Economy

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Donald Trump is a great president who attributes his success in business, an industry that involves exchange of different products as well as services within the country and outside. It implies that he very well knows what is important for a business to be successful in the development of economy for any given country. Besides this knowledge of the vitality of business to the economy of US, Donald Trump signs an executive travel ban order in March against seven Muslim countries by protecting the nation from terror attacks. It may seem right on this argument but not from the economic perspective, in that the businesses that initially existed between the US and these countries can no longer proceed. The case is worse in the tourism sector which is the major area that highly contributes to the economy of this nation. Thus, the travel ban has a significant impact on the economy of US as a whole. However, it is unclear that the President argues on the travel ban from the security angle, yet none of these countries have a history of attacking the US. Thus, this justification is not in any way valid. The financial markets just like any other business sector received the ban negatively leading to demonstrators heading to the streets protesting for the rights of refugees. The validity of this objection is the decrease in the value of the dollar about other world currencies just after the travel ban actualization. In this case, the travel ban has a negative impact on the US economy because different sectors like tourism will be affected significantly.

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Globalization continues to have a substantial impact on any given nation through the process of exchanging different products in and out of the country. In this case, various corporations that are successful in the US have a history of carrying out most of their businesses from overseas which are excellent sources of profits on the economy. However, with the movement ban, the potential markets will no longer be available to the corporation regarding the ban, an action that will lower the productivity. John Wasik argues that the ban will negatively affect the US businesses in the sense that the countries in question can decide to increase fees on US imports or even reject any American citizen in their countries (Haensel, & Jean-Claude 140). It implies that as much as Trump argues the ban on the security reasons, these counter nations can highly revenge through hurting the US businesses or goods within their parameters. The American products are at risk of losing value from these international markets, since not only the banned countries can retreat from doing businesses with this nation but even other countries which are in support to these Muslim countries. Given this, the economy is at risk of depreciating an effect that will be so harmful to the US citizens. Moreover, technology will also face problems regarding this ban. Most companies have technologists working in the country from these banned nations, and hence, the ban implies that the foreign employees are to return to their mother countries.In cases where professionals are absent from the company, the quality of production will be poor implying that the customers will withdraw to a much safer company. Needless to say, top technologists, as well as other professionals, will not be able to work in the country since they are from the restricted nations. Thus, the technological companies, in this case, will opt to high other technologists who can fit in the position due to their qualification. However, the cost of employing these other technologists can be high in that, the cost of hiring one professional is much more than having the first personnel. In this case, most companies will opt for a less qualified person to work in the company which will negatively impact on the company's level of productivity. The move will significantly affect the technological industry, with gaps that might not be able to be filled with the citizens. The country's developments which base on the technology might numb, an effect that will affect the entire nation at large. Silicon Valley leaders argue that the travel ban is negatively making it hard for them to progress in the sense that most of their top talented workers are foreigners from the banned countries.

Impact of Immigrationon US Economy

As much as the nation's safety is intact due to the ban, most people who have dreams of setting up businesses in the US will not be successful due to the immigration punitive. Though this immigrant may have unique qualities that could have benefited the US market, the ban makes it hard for the country to take advantage of this brilliant minds. Additionally, the productivity level will go down in the sense that all the aspiring professionals from these banned countries will not enter the country. Hence, most companies will register small production of goods due to the lack of enough employees who are qualified. It is so since most people with talents and has minds to create adequate progress in any given field, always prefer to explore their capabilities from different regions of their choice. Besides these, global corporations always tend to employ both the foreigners as well as citizens to promote timely goods and services ineffective to the demand by people. In this case, the Muslim ban will imply that most of these global entities stand to lose employees whose services are beneficial to the entire nation. Regarding this, the company will have to get more funds from the government to train alternative persons who are to replace the first workers. It is a blow to the economy since the resources and funds for offering train on the new persons could have been useful in other areas of development. With the travel ban of Donald Trump an action that implies that most capabilities will move out of the country, US is in danger of losing his big economy that most capable persons could have come with, in the country. Professor Thomas M. McDonnell from Law School at Pace University says, If you were a Muslim from Saudi Arabia, which did not feature in the list, you might say, Gee, should I go to the U.S. with Trump as the president? Who knows what might happen.'" Besides this, many people are at risk of losing jobs all around the globe (Smith, & Rachel 10). The victim countries are at most going to revenge by releasing the US workers from working in their industries regarding the ban of their fellow citizens entering and operating in the US. The case will lead to many US citizens to return home jobless, a case that will give rise to the government to set aside more funds to create jobs for this people or else the level of poverty will have to increase. Evidently, it means that the setting aside of the funds to support these people will reduce more economic developments that the funds could have generated. On the other hand, the foreigners working in the US going back to their motherlands since they are illegally in the country as in accordance to the executive ban means that the number of unemployed people will hike. It implies that both the economies of these countries are at risk of depreciating given the loss of jobs by the individuals in question. The loss of employment will lead to increased level of poverty among the people in the US and the counter nations, an impact that will affect the living standards of most people. It is so where most companies with a high number of foreigners will have no choice but to close in cases where citizens are not able to replace these immigrants. For example, the Google CEO argues that the ban will affect the talent sector in the States since people with real skills yet from the seven countries will not enter the country. All the industries with a diverse system of the workforce will face the challenges of satisfying the people due to the ban that will relocate most of its workers. However, as much as the US will suffer an economic blow, the persons leaving the country have the upper hand because they will take the knowledge and skills in their respective countries, and this gives them an opportunity to uplift their nations through the skills. Needless to say, the countries facing the Muslim ban have a better chance of developing more from their citizens who initially worked in the United States of America.

Impact of Education Sector on US Economy

The education sector is not left out in this issue of the travel ban, an impact that is still harmful to the US economy. Researchers say that this ban will lead to the loss of approximately $ 4.6 billion, expenditure by the international students in the country. It is so unfortunate since this money greatly helps in the development of the US economy, but due to the ban, the country is at risk of losing this amount. Students from the victim countries studying in the US will have to pull out from the institutions, a gap that will leave most learning areas in dire need of more students. Students, who are aspiring to study in the US but are from the seven countries under the executive ban, are warned against applying for a scholarship in the State regarding this prohibition. With the knowledge that the US education is among the best systems in the world, the brilliant minds that want to improve more from this system have no chance at all unless otherwise. Moreover, the foreign teachers will also be able to leave the country, meaning that the students will negatively perform poor on the subject mostly where the teacher was the only one with the skills and no replacement can be possible. As much as US Travel Associations may argue that the seven countries, which face travel ban are not under the top 20 most travel markets, the effect on the travel and tourism industry are not safe. People who want to move to the States for personal reasons or even businesses will not be in a position to do so. Hence the travel industry will be profoundly affected as McDonnell argues. The people will opt to visit or invest in other countries that they are free to go to and even conduct their businesses in the region (Simon 45). With this investment being beneficial to the economy of any given country, it implies that other countries stand to benefit from the Muslim ban as the US economy risks falling. A good example is the Iranian Oscar Film Winning Director, who has a movie that is among this years' selection and has to travel in the States during the event. However, the director is at most going to miss the occasion due to the travel ban by President Donald Trump. Being one of the many cases that have an impact on the economy of the US yet, as many may argue and protest regarding this ban, the president stands firm on the security purpose. The tourism sector is in danger of falling in the sense that, most tourists coming in the country from any of these seven nations is not going to step in the States. It suggests that the number of people traveling in the country is going to reduce, an effect that will harm the economy significantly. It is evident that the state will no longer receive taxes and other revenues that come from these foreigners due to the travel ban. The number of tourists and other travelers visiting the United States reduced immediately after the ban's actualization. Online Websites for booking flights reports that the number of people searching for flights to the US is down by 17% increase from the initial 6% after Trump's executive ban on 27th January. However, experts further argue that not only is the country at loss of tourists from these countries but from all around the globe due to the message regarding immigration to the US. Other people can develop a fear of visiting or even putting up businesses in the State because of the dilemma caused by fear of the unknown under the reign of Donald Trump as the president. David Scowsill WTTC CEO and president reveal that there is a decrea...

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