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Dear Sir/ Madam,

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Admissions Appeal

This letter makes reference to my request for admission into your institution which was denied. I would like to appeal to the ruling and give the reason why I need admission into this institution. I come from a military family background and due to the nature of my parents jobs that entails constant transfers from one state to another, I have not been able to do very well in school. I have been to five high schools from five different states. With each of these schools teaching a different curriculum, it has been very hard for me to effectively adapt and perform very well. From freshman to senior year, I could not settle and do my academic duties effectively.

My dad was in the troop that was sent to the Afghanistan mission for two years. Left with my mum and my two younger siblings, I had to play the roles of being the eldest of the three and the role model that my dad always said I am. During this period, I took a lot of my time to take care of my siblings because I did not want to disappoint my mum and my dad when he came back. This sense of responsibility weighed on me heavily that my type 1 diabetes, which I developed at the age of 9, became worse.

During my senior year, when we moved to Fort Walton Beach, Florida from Tucson AZ my insulin pump malfunctioned but since I was so involved in my duty to my family, I did not know. I developed a series of other complications as a result and this made me frequent the hospital with some of the visits ending up in admission. It affected my grades because in some courses, I only attended a quarter of the stipulated time. My GPA fell drastically and the school administration summoned me and I was informed that I would not graduate on time. This was the awakening call and things took a huge turnaround.

I studied very hard for the first time in my life and despite the odds, I passed every test from that point and I scored 26 in my CAT and I graduated on time. I have also been able to control my diabetes condition because I made a resolution to balance my duties to my family with taking care of myself. For two years now, my blood level has not hit above the 200 mark. For the first time in my life I feel I have control over my GPA, diabetes condition and all other aspects of my life.

My level of perseverance and dedication has greatly improved and with this I am willing to do anything it will take to be at the institution. The institution can put me under any test or academic probation as it deems fit for me. Education means everything to me and I appreciated its importance in my day-to-day life and its applicability even in the nation. FAMU has been the university that I have always dreamt of achieving my career objectives in. Not only is it my first choice but my only chance to achieve my academic goals in tertiary education.

Given this chance, I will work for the betterment of the university as I work hard to my best to get the best from the institution. I hereby request that the university board reviews my admission and make a decision considering the contents of this letter. I will wait to hear from you soonest.

Yours Sincerely,

Student Name

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