A Service Category Within the Hospital: Aesthetics and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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It is a specialty hospital, which indicates that there is a variety of services for its patients. One of these services is aesthetics and reconstructive plastic surgery. The hospital is one of the best-rated providers of aesthetics and reconstructive plastic surgery due to the being home to some of the finest expertise and doctors in the field and the whole of Abu Dhabi. Plastic surgery has often been an issue of sensitivity in most societies and Abu Dhabi was no different. However, mass media and an increase in public awareness have resulted in plastic surgery no longer being a taboo or sensitive matter. Aesthetic surgery mainly deals with people who feel uncomfortable with various parts of their body ("Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery | NMC Specialty Hospital | Abu Dhabi", 2017). These body parts may be deformed or unsatisfactory according to the patient and they may include a crooked nose. The service, therefore, works towards correcting these deformities thus bringing relief to the patients.

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In the same line of service, there is reconstructive plastic surgery which mainly deals with reconstructing of missing or deformed body parts like the face or limbs. These deformities may be as a result of congenital defects including trauma, burns or cancer. Therefore the department within the hospital has qualified and well experienced plastic surgeons who offer a range of services in plastic surgery. The department avails Botox injections for different conditions including crows feet or wrinkles. There are also fat injections which are mainly fillers aimed at increasing various parts of the body including the size of the lips or to treat unsightly grooves the patient may have on the face.

The department also offers dermabrasion which is a procedure aimed towards tightening and smoothing the skin and eventually the process helps in removing small scars, moles, tattoos and fine wrinkles. The department also has earlobe repairs which are mainly for those with large ear holes or split earlobes. There is also ultrasound assisted liposculpture which is also known as liposuction and it helps remove fatty deposits in various part soft the body which may be unsightly, irregular or localized. The hospital also offers body contour surgeries that mainly work on those who have had a massive weight loss. The procedure mainly focuses on removing excessive skin folds on the body after losing a lot of weight. The aesthetic plastic surgery service offers these and many more services. There is also the reconstructive plastic surgery which deals with wound management. Under the management of wounds, there is the treatment of acute wounds and chronic ulcers by making use of various techniques including skin grafting, tissue expansion, dermotaxis, adjustable suture technique and flap coverage. Still, under reconstructive surgery, there is also hand surgery which is mainly for hand surgeries for tendons, bones, blood vessels, nerves or soft tissues. It also deals with burns on the hands and deformities hat come as a result of burns. It is also meant for congenital deformities like polydactyly, syndactyly, congenital band syndrome, microvascular nerve grafts, bone graft and tendon transfers. Other congenital deformities that are addressed include microtia and bat ear deformity. There is post-cancer reconstructive surgery on the scalp, breasts, skin, the head, and neck. The service category is however not limited to these services but has a great variety that patients can access.

NMC Specialty Hospitals service area

The hospital has access to a big service are specifically Abu Dhabi and an access to other international patients. It is located along the Zayed The First Street in Madinat Zayed area of the city of Abu Dhabi. The area is the local location for the hospital, which means that the locals are the first individuals who can get access to the services offered by NMC Specialty Hospital. The service does not however just factor in the local residents; they are for the whole of Abu Dhabi and beyond its borders. The facility, which is part of the ever growing NMC healthcare acts as the central hospital within the organization's hub-and-spoke healthcare platform and is also a regional referral point for best-in-class medical treatment especially in aesthetics and reconstructive surgery for the ever growing population of the United Arab Emirates and NMCs patient population that is expanding rapidly ("hope of a healthy and happy life NMC Health plc Annual Report & Accounts", 2014).

The hospital also serves the growing residential and commercial areas within its immediate proximity including the Madinat Zayed area, Khalifa, Al Raha, Mussafah, Mohammed Bin Zayed city, Masdar city, Shahama, Abu Dhabi international airport and Yas Island. The hospital also goes beyond the Abu Dhabi borders by offering aesthetics and reconstructive surgery services to the major cities in the UAE including Dubai, Umma al-Quwain, Ajman, Sharjan, Ras al-Khaimah, and Fujairah. International patients from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia and other countries across the world, also access the services ("NMC Health plc Annual Report and Accounts 2015 Delivering a continuum of care NMC Health plc Annual Report & Accounts", 2015). The quality of aesthetics and reconstructive surgery availed by the hospital act as a point of attraction for individuals beyond Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

Service area structure analysis using porters framework

Porters framework of analysis involves five forces that are effective in the analysis of a business or industry analysis. The aesthetics and reconstructive surgery department are gradually taking root around the world. People are now becoming sensitive of how they look and they notice something wrong with their bodies every day. It is, therefore, a department of the healthcare industry that is currently doing well and is expected to be better in the near future. The Abu Dhabi city in the UAE has numerous hospitals and medical centers that are venturing into aesthetics and reconstructive surgery. Their service is well advanced at the NMC Specialty hospital while other organizations are embracing it. It is also an indication that it is a market that yields high returns and thus attracts new organizations (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003). Porter's first force of analysis, which is the threat of new entrants show that there service area for NMCs aesthetics and reconstructive surgery should expect more firms doing the same in the near future. It is a lucrative part of the healthcare system and even those hospitals that did not originally have the service are including it or finding consultant surgeons on the issue. The new entrants pose a threat on so many levels for the hospital. One is that it interferes with the consumer level for NMC thus affecting the amount of profit the hospital makes. Each new entrant means that the hospital loses a given amount of profit.

There is also the threat of substitutes as porter proposed. The substitutes mainly deal with the variety of products availed by a given organization and the available and better options by competitors (Dobbs, 2014). The aesthetics and reconstructive surgery is a market that is ever changing with an introduction of new products and those already available being modified towards perfection. Many of the medical centers and hospitals are offering similar services like these of NMC. There are even those that offer something more for a particular service. For example, NMC may be giving specific services for reconstructive surgery on the face but a major competitor offers more products and services for use on the face. There is, therefore, an imminent heart from available products which may be new or modified compared to those of NMC. It means that the hospital may lose potential patients and sources of profits.

Porter also talks about the bargaining power of customers where during an instance where customers act together to ask for the reduction in the process an organization will have no other option but reduce prices as a result of the pressure from customers. In the case of NMC and its area of service, there is some level of power on the part of the customers o work in unison towards the reduction of prices. Due to the high number of hospitals and medical clinics that offer similar services, customers may work towards cheaper prices for certain services in aesthetics and reconstructive surgery. They may give an ultimatum to find the services at a different hospital f their needs are not met.

The bargaining power of suppliers also makes a difference in the service area of the hospital. As porter explains, suppliers hold an immense amount of power in determining how players in the service area operate (Porter, 2008). The main suppliers in NMCs service area are the medical practitioners and experts especially in aesthetics and reconstructive surgery. These experts are spread out through Abu Dhabi and work for different organizations other than NMC. Therefore hey determine to a large extent the type of service available for customers within and without the hospital. If the practitioners decide that they will not avail their services due to various issues like poor pay, the hospital and other players within this specific market feel this effect. Rivalry in the industry is also another force in Porters framework. He explains that competition may make or break a company in relation to its respective market. It, therefore, means that if there is healthy competition between NMC and the rest of the hospitals, the positive effects are felt by all these companies and vice versa.

Major competitors for NMC specialty Hospital in aesthetics and reconstructive surgery

Other hospitals offer aesthetics and reconstructive surgery in the city of Abu Dhabi. One of these is Cosmesurge that is located on Street 13 in the Delsma region. The organization deals with cosmetic surgery and aesthetics including cosmetic liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, nose reshaping, obesity surgery, hair transplantation, dermatology and laser hair removal, dentistry, and weight management services. The organization has various aesthetics and reconstructive surgery services that individuals in Abu Dhabi can access. They include dermatology services like thermal skin lightning and contouring, fillers, dark circles, chemical peels, laser face and chin lift, tattoo removal, Botox, acne scars, mesotherapy and much more. The services focus on many parts of the body including the face, breasts, skin, hair, teeth and the body.

Another competitor is the Harley Street Medical Center located in the Marina village of Abu Dhabi. The clinic offers various aesthetic and reconstructive surgery services under the expertise of Dr. Chris Reuter who is a German plastic surgeon. The various services focus on different parts of the body including the face, breasts, the body, the skin, and hands. He uses various solutions to address issue an individual may view as sensitive especially on the face. These methods include fillers, face and neck lifts. There is also the lifting, increasing and reduction of breasts using liposuction or lipo-filling. There is Botox, lasers, scar correction, acne scars and much more.

There is also the American British surgical and medical center (ABSAMC) which also offers aesthetics and reconstructive surgery and is located in Deira in Dubai. It offers a wide range of services for the body, breasts, the face or even weight loss. Some of these services include liposuction, facelift, otoplasty, breast lift, enlargement and reduction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, arm and thigh lifts, calf implants and much more. The center also deals with hair loss, d...

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