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Online Casino gaming is a new portion of the business and requires a better understanding of the market. Online casinos are much faster as compared to the land-based games. This is because when playing one-on-one against the casino is easier to make 200 to 300 decisions within an hour.

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Choose Betting Pattern: there exist two bet patterns available in craps, roulette; sic bo and baccarat which produce a consistent result in the Stearn Strategy. To illustrate on the patterns, Ill use craps to show how a player can win in a lottery. The pattern is the method involved in determining if doesnt pass or pass can work in a given bet. Players should use a hunch system or can rely on various craps superstitions to select their bets. Using a predetermined betting system and total adherence will produce a superior result to a hunch or a random selection method in choosing the bets.

Bet Dont Pass Only: many players have asserted that dont pass only produce consistent profits. The method is very straightforward, and each bet is made on the dont pass option and produces significant profits.

Pattern method of Bet selection: in case the dont pass becomes frustrating, and the shooter continues to roll passes, the dont pass can cause a series of a loss to the player. A method that allows the player to flow with dice decisions in the bet selection is the pattern method. In this case, the player should bet the same as the second preceding dice decision. In case the second decision was a dont pass, the player should place a dont pass. The good thing about the method is that in the event of a long unpredicted series of pass or dont pass bets; the player should bet along with the same pattern of the decision previously win and earn.

Alternate pattern method of bet selection: in case the dice are choppy, and there exist few patterns of repeat passes or dont pass, the pattern method can prove to be frustrating and can even result in a frequent loss. An alternative approach to this is the bet selection method which involves alternation of bets between betting the same as the second option and the opposite preceding decision made by the player. The alternate pattern method can be very profitable for a choppy table. In this case, when the dice decisions are in a seemingly random fashion, the alternate system will invariably give two consecutive wins and eventually win a betting series. The strategy is the most difficult to use but is easier to track if one is stuck.

Mastering Stearn Strategy forms 90% of the plan towards winning at casinos. Mastering the specific skills involved in the various games is fundamental towards achieving success in the casinos. To become an affiliate winner, there is a need to change some old ways of playing in cases there exist and learn to stick to the system which seems to be the hardest for most of the gamblers. Once the players understand the reason for going to a casino is to win and win big, the Stearn Strategy should be the winning tool.

Developing a discipline to control your emotion as well as follow the system is the next important task of understanding the system. Emotions form a significant factor in gambling, and any players who learn of ways to control his emotion has a higher ability towards achieving success or failure. It is important that the player treats the casino as a business and monitor the emotions during the business operations. Come to the casino with a strategy and stick with it and no matter what happens during the play, dont change the game plan, and it is important not to outguess the system.

When playing with Stearn system, the player needs to remember to use the hit and run strategy which helps win a higher percentage of the certain short-term contest against any casino. It is important that the player to avoid dragging a game for hours to avoid detrimental profits. The Stearn Strategy does not change the fundamental mathematics of craps and has an advantage of 15% against the pass and dont pass bettors. The percentage will eventually grind down long term players. In this case, therefore, it is essential to shorten the games, win a game then pull off.

It is important to pick the playing situations carefully. Some players only prefer playing on weekends when the tables are crowded, and the decision seems to drag along. Playing in the middle of the week when the tables are less crowded offers a higher probability of winning and also has lower room rates, and better services in the casinos. Furthermore, the busiest day is evening and the slack time is during morning hours and early afternoons. An early morning roulette, craps or blackjack games can be played more than two times faster than compared to the evening hence a higher probability of winning. Other than the high number of players in the evenings, the casinos have more high rollers, and the players often cover the tables with crazy bets which tend to slow down the entire game.

After a big loss, it is important that the player takes a break right at the moment but not after three bets. The only exception in when a playing partner loses his/her session. In this scenario which involves the losing partner, the exit strategy is to wait until the partner hit winning parlay to minimize the damage of the loss. But in case it is a single player, the only exit strategy is to quit immediately. Continuing to play after a series of loss will let your emotions get the better of you. The very reasons that urge to continue should be the same reason to quit immediately. Stearn Strategy is a systematic, methodological way of grinding down the casino.

After taking a break after the loss, it is best to leave the casino altogether and take a walk, a nap or even go swimming. Each and every loss will set back the daily profit plan, and there is a need to start the game as soon as possible to recover the lost money. After shopping, the player will forget the loss and go back with a winning mentality following the system strictly. The shopping will act as therapy, but it is important that each gambler finds a therapy and heal faster after a loss.

In conclusion, every gambler wishes to achieve optimum success in the casinos but utilizing the Stearn Strategy is one fundamental tool towards success. It is required that the player is adequately capitalized before the battle with the casinos and each profit. Just as any other system put in place, the Stearn Strategy will not guarantee a win in every session and the players must have enough bankroll to weather the downturns that may result without feeling pinched in the casino games. It is recommended that the players bankroll be approximately six times the total bets for a given betting series he intends to play. In case the player is starting at the lowest betting levels and has a dream of rising, he should be a risk taker and invest more for the system play.

My suggestion is to invest with a low bankroll then slowly increase the size of the casino bankroll as the winning stream increases with time. In this case, you will increase the size of your bankroll and at the same time increase the confidence and the ability to take control over your emotions during and after gambling.


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