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The book Who Moved My Cheese primarily is about change and how different people react to change. The term cheese has been used symbolically to show the desires one may wish for in life. The author brought out the main theme of change by using two little people and two mice. Sniff and Scurry, the two mice, are quick to change and respond to the issue of the cheese instinctively. They dont take the time to look for the missing cheese but instead looks on how they can get some new cheese. However the little people Haw and Hem, have got human traits though are of the same size as the two mice. Some of their humane traits such as emotions and intelligence play a great role in how they respond to change.

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In the book, Who Moved My Cheese, Sniff is brought out as creative. He can detect and respond to changes in the surrounding quickly and come up with new things. Scurvy is portrayed as a producer who can work hard all day though poor at managing distractions. Hem comes out as a leader who can bring things under control. Haw has the potential of relating well with others.

I am quick to change and thus portray the character traits of Sniff and Scurry. After graduating from the university, I was not happy as all other colleagues of mine. I was forced into doing engineering which was not my area of interest. Later I got an engineering job. My performance at work was pathetic. After one year of working though performing poorly, I decided to approach my parents who forced me into engineering. It was hard to convince them on quitting engineering as they claimed they had used a lot of resources to educate me. I finally convinced them for there were so many things that drove me to pursue nursing.

The main reason I have always loved nursing is the fact that it gives its graduate a stable career path. It is unlike other courses that are unstable and most of the individuals under those careers live in fear of their job security. Also, the health of people is not dependent on the economic situation of the country, and this will always make nurses be on demand. Nursing also has got a variety of jobs which are diverse and can be available at any given time.

Nursing equips one with diverse knowledge on medical and scientific knowledge. This also contributed a lot in my decision. I can use this knowledge to solve the many problems facing the world currently as much of the causes to these problems are brought about by ignorance. It has been my thirst to educate the society much about the medical world so as to reduce the health problems facing the society.

I also have got a great interest in fields of pharmacology and anatomy and. Therefore, nursing works out for me as it has broad knowledge on these subjects too. This can enable me to acquire diverse knowledge in my other areas of interest too. During my time to specialize, I will have no problem or any confusion on which area to specialize to.


The story Who Moved My Cheese is good for us as it highlights the challenges we are likely to encounter as we look for self-empowerment. Before we acquire that thing that we have ever dreamt for, we will have to encounter a lot of obstacles trying to hinder us from attaining them. We should all embrace change to feel the change we want.

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