Visual Basic .NET: Integrated Development Environment

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Visual Basic .NET is an improvement of Visual Basic 6.0. Its Integrated Development Environment come with new specifications enable learners and programmers share all the development tools of Visual Studio in a similar work front. VB .NET has been built on the .NET Framework, which takes the development of the application to assuming the internet as a new OS. The IDE improvement includes best ideas in InterDev and VB 6.0 to enable quick application creation with a wider variety of development tools. Cosmetic improvements like the toolbox, multi-monitor support help, and expandable codes have been added to the IDE. Codes created in IDE can be amassed to perform in the .NET Framework.

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Microsofts new technology of .NET Framework is designed to influence better both external and internal internet resources. It is thus easier to interact with some application not included in the Visual Basic .NET through the compiler which configures the code to Common Language Runtime (CLR). Developers can also easily leverage code and lessen maintenance of applications. The CLR is not only used for Web applications but also stand-alone Visual Basic applications which enable exploitation of all features Visual Basic applications from a written Web application. Security is enhanced in the Visual Basic .NET Framework through the imposition of compatibility of the data type that helps reduce crash reports from a poorly designed code. Visual Basic .NET allows propagation of code from one module to another, therefore, enhancing its maintainability. Visual Basic .NET compiler compiles the code into one that is executed to CLR syntax than directly by the OS (Wakefield et al. 2001).

Contrary to earlier versions, Visual Basic .NET is easy to install since all projects will be developed in the same IDE. There is no choice between tools, and the visual studio resumes with a home page to follow the latest internet strategies. It works with minimum hardware requirements such as a 3GB hard disk, a memory of 128MB and a 2 processor Pentium with a speed of 450MHz . Visual Basic .NET further promotes the new developments in the Web applications. Additionally, type safety has been enforced as it prevents the code from reaching memory locations that it is restricted from allowing the user to define how to access objects.

Visual Basic .NET is relevant to the course both learning and hands-on experience. By learning Visual Basic .NET, can develop business applications, apply inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces, design ASP.NET and design windows with visual basic and model business logic. With .NET experience, one can develop visual studio solutions, code business logics updates and deploy ASP.NET and Windows web applications and employ object-oriented Visual Basic features. Through visual basic and .NET one may also bind LINQ, EF and lambda functions for access of data (Wakefield et al. 2001).

Visual Basic .NET has an array of applications ranging from multithreaded programming, building Microsoft Office add-ons, .NET coding, and accessing registry. For data types, it uses object data and has also introduced Short to store 16-bit numbers. Implementation of true interfaces and introduction of structured handling has also been enabled. VB.NET operations include arrays, collections, functions, ByVal and ByRef, subroutines, Do Loop, structures, modules classes and Try and Catch (Wakefield et al. 2001). It is designed to meet a programmers full needs. It has combined all other programming languages under one IDE platform. The IDE enables incorporation of Visual Basic 6.0 feature for an advanced operation.


Wakefield, C., Sonder, H. & Meng, W. (2001). VB.NET. Developers Guide. Global Knowledge.

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