Ubik by Phillip K. Dick Review

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The forces that profit and promote from limiting our economic and social horizons are manifested in our lives as consumerism. Individuals voluntarily hand over their dominion as citizens in exchange for the things that paralyze our ability to fight the forces that are undermining our economic and social ability to affect the change. Philip K. Dick and among other authors expressed their views on the issue of consumerism and how it affects our society. When we consider different views suggested in the novel, Dicks persistent critique of capitalist consumerism is pictured in the novel around the product Ubik, a symbol of the consumer commodity. Ubik resolves itself into the attitude of disenchantment and doubts both at the metaphysical and physical level of the narrative. Also, just as there is the existence of no escape from consumerism in the society in which consumer commodities are ever-present, so there is no way out of half-life in the world in which the sacred is immobilized in the face of the blasphemous.

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Also, other philosophers argued that we are bound by since the society has a rate schedule. The philosopher liked the society less each year since the society had become a chronic obsession to him. The philosopher considered the society as useless due to its cost (Dick, p. 15). Other authors notify the society as per what is happening. The authors claims that the society rake people over the coals. Each author had different views regarding the society and the relationship between consumerism and society. Other authors argued that society is their friend (Dick, p. 79).

Based on the views, consumerism is the central for the society and its role is not only evident at the socio-religious level, but also played at the individual level. By having the substantial impact on the society, I may further argue that religious ideas and consumerism may have created the novelistic society that hints at the information of the socialism. I am convinced with the view that there is no escape from consumerism in the society in which consumer commodities are present. By stand is based on the Dicks viewpoints. I believe that nearly everybody can speak about the ideas of Dick regarding the society and consumerism, particularly how he thought. Moreover, I believe that Dick might be a perfect philosopher to follow because he gave powerful views and expectations of the society. A part from his ideas, I believe in Dicks views because he had the type of great pitch that standardized him to consumer society and facilitated him to read and depict it in the theological and philosophical terms.

In conclusion, I would recommend Dicks novel because Dick gave different views regarding consumerism and society. The novel is most extraordinary and can be extended as a self-explanatory novel with endless thinking from different authors who had different views on the consumerism and its effects on the society. Dicks views lead me not only in a particular direction, but also in a particular perception concerning the impacts of consumerism to its society. I consider Dick a consummate autodidact because he understood nearly everything that regarded consumerism and the society. Dicks ideas bring us into a conclusion that different philosophers have different opinions on different things in the society. From the viewpoints, I may say that consumerism seems to be us who are subjected naturally in the society as a way of life, and it is the recent social invention that is believed by many philosophers.

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Dick K., F. Ubik. 1991. Print.

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