The Selection and Recruitment Process at Rhs

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Many human resource professionals state that it is the human resources that make an organization thrive. In that sense, it is important to the employers to ensure that they hire employees how are well trained and possess the necessary qualifications to fill the vacant positions. On that same not, may employers note that the selection and recruitment process is the most tedious one as it determines the kind of person hired for the post (Arthr, 2012). The director of research at RHS had to go the extra mile to ensure that he ended p with the right list of employees to consider for the vacant position. Looking at his selected candidates, Mr. Stephen should hire David Hughes for the vacant position his company. This is because David has several years of experience in the semiconductor industry as note in the search; the Power Chip sector needs someone who has an in depth knowledge of both the semiconductor and Power Chip sector.

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The vacant position also requires a well seasoned employee who is able to work with junior analyst. On the sane note, the new employee should be able to mentor and monitor junior employees to help them learn and improve their research, writing, and presentation skills. David Hughes posses all qualities required for the vacant position at RHS despite his vast age. He also posses adequate management and leadership skills, has a name recognized throughout the sector and is able to travel with clients. Therefore, with him on board, RHS will be able to maintain the good name and maintain the competitive advantage they possess at the moment.

The strengths I would bring into the interview seeing are qualities such as management skills. This is because the position requires someone with management skills. I will also let the interviewer know that I like travelling with clients and helping their with issues that affect them in the semiconductor and power chip sectors would let him know that I have in depth analytical skills and that I like working with and mentoring junior employees (Gill, 2007). The interviewer will have to know that I am a good team player with a keen eye on research, presentation, and communications skills. These qualities are very important for any person in the communication and research industry. The vacant position requires someone with a vast knowledge of the industry. Therefore, I will therefore articulate my in dept knowledge of the semiconductor and power chip sector. These qualities will make me stand out among other interviewees because the position requires someone with these skills.

The selection and recruitment process at RHS is at par with most organizational procedures. The director carried out effective and up to date background search on the selected candidates before he called them in for interviews (Arthr, 2012) This is an important procedure as it makes it possible for the director or any other employer to ensure that him or her shortlist the best candidates for the interview. Performing background search also help save time during interview sessions. The director also employed the use of third party to help recruit the best candidates for the vacant position in the institution. The only thing that the fir needs to change is the use of buy sides to find more information on selected candidates. This will help keep the confidentiality of the background search and will also help the firm to get the right information on the selected candidates.


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