Technology: Blessing or Burden

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Drone racing has been in existence for quite some time now as an underground sport that quadcopters fly against each other through aerial racetracks made of brightly lit rings, pipe tunnels, and illuminated barriers. Several racing companies have been inspired into transforming into drone racing which was first seen as a hobby into an official televised sports event. The effect of watching races involving colorful flying robots is similar to watching a real-life video game. By 26th January, a new company called Drone Racing League had announced its opening racing season which focused majorly on giving the spectators an exciting and at the same time thrilling high definition view of the race from the point of view of the drones according to Quartz. This will offer a unique viewing experience which can just be enough to win over the loyalty of the racing fans without having human life or limb being involved on the line (Lovesick Cyborg).

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The drone racing league is just one among other drone racing companies trying to elevate the drone racing beyond just a hobby. In 2015, the National Drone Racing became the first drone championship in the U.S. this took place in California, comprising of about 200 drone racers with ability to race at a speed of up to 70 miles per hour. A national follow-up is being planned by the organizers for October 2016.


Not much on the live TV is compared with the tension of watching human-operatsed car races with high possibilities of fatal accidents and injuries which in some extreme cases may lead to death of the participants. A slight timing error in a tight and controlled race can instantly lead to a chaotic experience as the machines spin out of control hitting on the walls and even smashing directly into one another. The rise of robot racing with flying drones or remotely driven cars has attracted a massive number of spectators without putting human life in danger.

Robot racing could as well become a motivation for self-driven car technologies. Instead of human drivers who are susceptible to dangers which are life threatening, the robot racing cars and remote controlled drone uses real-time computing algorithms and AI technologies on making decisions on racetracks. This has proved the benefits of new technology in the racing and motor industries.

Additionally, the uniqueness of watching driverless vehicles pull off robot racing tracks without any humans behind the wheels may prove enough to make spectators interested. Such robot races goes beyond drone racing which still requires human beings to control them remotely from the ground. This will ensure that the spectators are entertained before the start of the major events featuring human drivers which in turn will attract as many spectators as possible therefore raising the companies revenue.

On the other hand, since the videos are viewed from the racers point of view through the goggle headsets: Each drones frequency transmissions are can as well be dialed to, but for those who watch through ungainly goggles without having direct control their experience can be disorienting and nauseating. Additionally, from the survey carried out by the organizers, it was found that most of the audience for drone racing is the young adults mainly the college educated and of this; approximately 50% have higher degrees- ninety percent spending more than 300 million dollars on drones and related accessories: this shows that most of the people who would otherwise be investing wisely on their time and money they end up spending on spectating on drones.


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