Taken 2: Average Thrilling Film with a Captivating Storyline

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Taken 2 is an English film of the thriller genre that centers on the events happening to an ex CIA agent as a result of a job he was previously involved in. Bryan Mills finds himself in a precarious position as he fights for his life and that of his daughter and ex-wife. Mills is the unfortunate target of an Albanian mafia leader and terrorist. The man is seeking revenge for the death of his son killed by the CIA agents Mills and his partner Pitrel. The film opens with a funeral of the son and in attendance are mafia members. Murad Krasniqi, the mafia leader tells his members that they will have their revenge by hunting down the people responsible and killing them. Taken 2 employs various techniques in achieving the thrilling sequence of events that follow Mills attempts at staying alive and rescuing his family. A man has to stay alive and safeguard the lives of his ex-wife and daughter by employing all means necessary and still shows a humane side through all these.

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Mills, a retired CIA agent invites his ex-wife and daughter to spend some time with him in Istanbul where he is currently working. In the meantime, the head of an Albanian gang that deal with human trafficking, Murad, seeks to avenge the death of his son and plans to kidnap former agent Mills and his family. The gang abducts Bryan and his ex-wife but his daughter Kim manages to escape which means she is the only hope remaining to save his father and mother. Being that this film is a sequel, it is very independent and has a comprehensible story line in the sense that someone does not need to watch the first one to understand this one. The story line is simple enough to follow but it is not simple in a boring manner. The story is captivating, sensible, and believable which enables the movie to captivate the viewers attention. The struggle of a man to stay alive and keep his family alive is something that most people can relate with. However, the mafia and revenge are aspects that have been explored by so many movies, which make it almost predictable.

The direction of the film is good as the director employs various techniques in cinematography to achieve a solid and believable story. The use of close up shots that shows the characters facial expressions makes the events believable, as it is easy to relate to expressions of fear, apprehension, or relief. However, it cannot be said that the direction of the film was exemplary but rather good as it follows a basic thriller line with no surprises. The cinematic use of the landscape and architecture in Istanbul adds to the appeal of the film especially in the action scenes, which are exciting.

The characters are chosen well as they depict the intended image that aids the storyline. The protagonist is a burly man well known for his prowess in combat but still manages to show a gentle side as a father and husband. The mafia guys are the traditional image of bad people with scruffy beards and menacing expressions. The use of costumes makes it more interesting as it ties the mafia to Albania. The mafia members wear pleated pants and large leather jackets, which make them, stand out from usual people. The weakness of the movie is in it predictability as you can almost predict what is going to happen. The editing also seems to have been done hastily as some of the action scenes seem rushed and unreal. However, the movie has strong points, which majorly are the action scenes and the use of music in scenes to heighten the viewers experience. For instance, the use of fast-paced music in the actions scenes makes the tempo of the movie rise. The use of special effects in the action scenes make the film more interesting and capture attention.


The film is a good watch especially for people who love thrilling events and action packed scenes that set off the adrenaline. Taken 2 is an average thrilling film with a captivating storyline that is easy to understand. The film is worthwhile as it is entertaining which should be the main intention of a movie. It also lends some understanding to the workings of the mafia or gangs and can open up someones mind to critical evaluation of the activities that the mafia engages in.

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