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HVAC can stand for many meanings, but this acronym stands for, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is among HVAC organizations. As an organization, it represents the livelihood of every creature especially human beings. As a non-profit organization, it accrues to job opportunity, passion, products, services, and challenges among many more. HVAC system is a critical and important occupation. It emphasizes on having safe, comfortable, and healthy living surrounding. HVAC community stands to produce people who are of great value and importance to the society. It imparts to these people the natural desire, and good heart to serve others. ACCA is an energy and environment service company. It is an organization that was started in early 20th century and has, therefore, been there for quite a long time. Because of this it must have had certain strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting its air conditioning measures.

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As an environment safety organization, there are standards set to maintain, design, install, test and ensure activation of environmental systems and issues. These standards include the use of Speed-Sheets that help students to learn certain technical concepts, and building codes to help contractors to understand contracting codes.

There are legal, marketing, and technical services provided by the organization. These resources include professionals and schools, residential HVAC, manufacturers and suppliers among others.

ACCA bring customers to their members, therefore, they satisfy the members needs. This is because different customers always search for contractors through ACCA website

It has got mechanisms that stand to uplift small businesses. This enables the organizations to install and design a healthy business environment. It as well helps in performance building.


Its image in other regions lack clarity and therefore, it cannot attain the desirable global identity and attract many nations. For instance, in United Kingdom (UK) it does not have a certain specific identity.

It has unruly and dissident members who damage its image and reputation.

ACCA is not recognized in certain regions like South Africa, Australia, North America and many more.

Blue chip companies find no relevance in ACCA qualifications set for them. This because ACCA is more concerned with small organizations and enterprises.

Another weakness is the tendency of its members to focus on large units or huge business opportunities yet their sizes are small to manage. This is a challenge it faces in some nations since these nations are appealing for its deregulation.


In America, ACCA has helped in contracting business ideas and interests in every state. These interests include there advocacy reports and updates.

It has established online communities and extraordinary learning opportunities. These structures stand to bring contractors from different parts of the world together

ACCA is able to attain the desirable relevance for quite a long time. Its idea to ensure the healthy environment is vital in its penetration in different nations. It has attracted new members.

As a company, it is now coming with better strategies that enable its members to access many and different customers. Their market is widening in that they offer other services including energy sufficient measures that ensure there is a comfortable indoor environment. People can as well save their money through attaining a professional contractor in ACCA.


There are no clear steps set for customers to identify the best and reputable contractors. Through this, many people look for contractors ordinarily.

ACCA has got complicated and long requirements that affect the signing of new members. Customers cannot as well access its contractors services easily.

Its expansion strategies pose some challenges in that advancing in certain regions is difficult. Certain regions and nations have got set bodies that facility air conditioning practices.

At times they acquire undesirable and uncompetitive HVAC, professionals, designers, and technicians. As a result, customers satisfaction is not met appropriately.

ACCA continues to thrive despite challenges it faces in the air condition sector. As an HVAC contractor organization, it continues to assign contractors and different kinds of stuff. Their services are now easily available through their website.


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