SSH as Part of the Larger Hospital System

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Mr. Count de Money is not responding in an intelligent way to Mrs. Mintz and her concerns. When Mrs. Mintz approaches Mr. Count de Money at the headquarters, she tries to voice her concerns about the current problem at the hospital. She expects that Mr. Count de Money will be in a position to help her being in charge of the call center. The problem emanates from the call center which Mr. Count de Money is in charge. Whats more, he hangs up on her. In so doing, Mr. Count de Money fails to recognize his emotions, tell between different feelings and use the emotional information to direct his response and behavior.

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Emotion contagion commands the knowledge or rather the sense that emotion is about to occur or is expected of you, hence its dependency on the capacity to feel and express emotions. As a leader, Mr. Count de Moneys emotions should be as significant as his cognitive skills and ability which he fails to express or rather lacks. Emotional contagion is, therefore, key in effective teamwork.

What type of team should SSH form to address this problem? Who should be selected to be on this team? Provide a rationale for your choices.

SSH should form a cross-functional team to address the problem at hand. A cross-functional team would be best suited to address the specific interdisciplinary problem facing the hospital. The team would then comprise of selected members from both clinical and non-clinical departments of the hospital and the Great West Hospital System, all who would join hands and coordinate to solve the problem.

For starters, Dr. Kutup, the chairperson of surgery, should be selected on this team because one of the key objectives of the team would be to streamline the surgery procedures. Dr. Kutup has the knowledge and expertise of the relevant tasks that need to be carried out to solve the problem. Other members of the team should also be in the surgery department as it is affected by the problem at hand. Representatives from the call center department also ought to be part of the team as they fall under the confines of the problem discipline. Dr. Gasser would also be a suitable candidate for the team as he has a sense of humor.

Identify and delineate the top three issues that the team should address in its deliberations.

Upon setting up, the team should then seek to address an array of issues key among them being the harassment of patients. The team should strive to ensure that no more patients are harassed from that point onwards as failure to do so would see the hospital lose business. This should be the primary objective. Second the team should also address the accountability of the call center. The problem at hand shows sheer ignorance and lack of responsibility of the call center that should be following a well-outlined script. Finally, another issue that the team should address is interdisciplinary coordination and cohesion. Various departments and disciplines across the entire hospital system should coordinate and work hand in hand to enhance patient satisfaction. A repeat of the ugly incident between Mrs. Mintz and Mr. Count de Money should occur again.

Since SSH is part of the larger hospital system, who should be the person designated to take the matter to corporate headquarters?

The director of SSH should be designated to take the matter to corporate headquarters as he or she represents the entire hospital. Taking up the matter to corporate headquarters would give way to an effective third party mediation platform which aid in solving the problem. The designated person would be most probably present to the corporate headquarters with laid out choices and suggestions that would be helpful in solving the problem at hand.

How should the team evaluate whether a change in corporate policy is needed? Who should take the lead on this evaluation?

A corporate policy should be conveyed following an extensive analysis of all factors surrounding the primary objectives and future plans in an organization. It is, therefore, a major factor in shaping the future. Consequently, the team should evaluate the current corporate policy by the effectiveness of that policy. A corporate policy, therefore, is as solid as its fundamental methods, which ought to be as exact as could reasonably be expected. Such accuracy likewise goes specifically to potential corporate risk. Since arrangements can build up risk, slip-up of approach and methods can acquaint obligation with the association given the obligation of consideration that strategy or methodology might set up. Given the import of such activities, it is important that associations maintain a strategic distance from the accompanying potential pitfalls.

Evaluation of the corporate policy is dependent on its sustainability and success or lack of it. Needless to say, the team would recommend a change in corporate policy if the current one proves unstable or ineffective. Such an evaluation necessitates the involvement of an interdisciplinary panel.

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