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This paper analyzes how the author of the article All the Single Ladies Kate Bolick made us of rhetorical strategies. The rhetorical strategies analysis is through her content, structure and style and how she uses rhetorical appeals in the ethos, logos and pathos. In the article, the author talks about the ancient decades and the jobless experience and low life prospects among the male gender. To add on, the author also talks about the ways in which the jobless and low life-status of the male gender have upset marriage-minded women who are sentimental about the business sector. The perception of this experience is that the male status is disrupting the romantic market structure. Conversely, this bizarre situation introduces some sort of a new chapter around the globe, as there are economical advancements. The male jobless status also changes the thoughts that masses have regarding conservative marriage in the present-day new society.

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The writer talks of how she has to choose between deadbeats and playboys. Here is where she talks about the increase in the number of idlers in the society and how the playboys force develops significantly among the male gender. The author also expounded on how women were evidently concerned with their family status and economy in general. She also expresses how she fell in love with a person named Allan. She exterminated the relationship based on abstract reasons as she calls them. Although ten years down the line, she has compunction from the consequences of ending a stable relationship. This is because she afterwards, she always felt of something missing in her life. That shows the significance of emotional fulfillment in ones life, as one feels a void inside their internal personality. The author also compared her generations type of lifestyles and their preceding generations that included her mothers cohort. Through her comparison, she perceived that the snarls her and her earlier cohorts experienced in life is because they had more exposure to the opposite sex compared to their preceding generations. She added that among her earlier cohorts, there were stronger boundaries that impeded socialization between the male and female genders.

The writer discloses how she met her spouse Allan. They met in Boston as they worked in a magazine. She worked as an assistant as Allan was the editor. The two began a relationship full of love that they hoped to last forever. However, somewhere in the way, their relationship started weakening. Though, the writer never imagined ever of their marriage taking a path to extermination. She also talks about experience of a revolution in the current world in relation to marriage and relationships among spouses.


The writers use of ethos in this article was quite convincing. The reason behind this is her ability to articulately express the purpose and role played by men in the society as she shows the significance of single women getting married to men. An example is evident as she uses her life when she wore t-shits that explained the significance of men in a womans life. This articulates the extent into which men were significant in the society before the generations that degraded them through their jobless status. The author uses ethos where she shows her marriage expectations. From her relationship with her boyfriend, they were to marry, werent they? She used the contrast between her life and the lives her earlier female gender lived. In their times, communication and relationships between the male and female genders was more advanced. There were no strict restrictions in their times as compared to her mothers and earlier generations. She also attempts to clearly explain transformation and revolution that their generation was experiencing. She also explains how she met her spouse Allan in their workplace. The paper shows evidence of ethos as the author invokes expertise in most of the occasion in the article to bring a conviction of her perception about the topic of discussion being correct.


The paper incorporates the use of logos significantly. This is evidence as the author involves a use of rational and logical points in her work. To start with, the author brings out strong factual points about single life. She additionally articulates the parts that men failed to fulfill through their jobless status and the way this led to women despising them for their status. The writer additionally explains the state of fewer spouses who have kids and are in good relationships with their husbands. She uses an approximation of about 40% of the kids in the current day society who have single parents. Separation arises from the state that masses believe in organic parenthood where they believe that it is one of the most important aspects of a society. This reason leads to less respect towards single parents in a society. For these reasons, the author makes a good use of logos in the article.


The author uses pathos well in the article. This is because it is evident that in the article she use emotions to bring out more conviction to the audience. She expresses her strong feelings towards womens perception about men in the society. The evidence of her pathos is when she explains the reasons why women take up male duties in the society and due to resentment that arises from acts of irresponsibility by the men, women prefer having kids through biological means. In her attempt to get, the right man to marry her, she compares sympathizes with herself and her cohorts as she does a comparison between them and their earlier female generation. This is an evidence of pathos in the paper. She further compares marriage between the white and marriage between the blacks. She further expresses her feelings towards marriage as she says that in countries where there is a higher ratio of men to women, the women in such countries receive a better treatment. The above reasons show a good use of pathos in the article.


In conclusion, the use of use of ethos, logos and pathos is quite appropriate. The reason behind this is that writers content, style, and structure of the article was convincing. In her work in the article, she explains the outraging number of single women. She shows that women are not single by choice. The fact that men have failed to honor their duties and responsibility has increased single-parenthood. Women despise the state of negligence as most of the men have taken a path to be vagrants, which made women partake the masculine duties. As women have the ability to become breadwinners, they find having who cannot provide for the family a worthless attempt. For this reason, the author is articulate in expressing the presence of single women.

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