Relevance of Communication in Averting Resistance

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Change is imperative in every organization if continuous success and securing a large market share is to be realized. Most alterations happen on culture and structure of the respective company. However, implementing change in an organization faces the risk of resistance from the employees who prefer working in their old ways. At the center of ensuring resistance is not a hindrance factor is effective communication. Efficient communication aspects include involving the employees in the decision-making process, having a profound communication plan for change implementation and consideration of employees views and reactions towards the proposed changes. Virgin Media still prides itself on being the leading company in communication services. However, it is still prone to change resistance thus effective communication plan is required to ensure successful change implementation.

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Identification of Possible Causes and Reasons For Resistance

With the identified changes being reduction of workforce especially at the senior level, reviewing the marketing team and the companys way to introduce a new product, it is evident that imposing these changes will involve several adjustments that employers will not easily embrace. Of importance to note is that one of the contributors to change resistance is when the new adjustments will require the employees to work extra hours (Paycor, 2015). Regarding virgin media, reducing the number of employees will mean that the remaining are expected to work more to cover the workforce deficit created. This also means a possible reduction in the off-time hours and other benefits such as prolonged holidays. Among the reasons the workers may cite for their change resistance include pay increment which may be hard for the company to implement since it is reducing the number of employees to reduce the cost, fear of job loss and poor communication that may be characterised by commanding tone. Another proposed change for Virgin Media is a review of marketing strategies which may involve the introduction of a new competent team. Also, the development of an effective response team to customers problems requires a healthy workforce. In line with reduced workforce, these workers may resist the change citing concerns over increased workload thus demanding more personnel or an increase in payment and other benefits. Further, workers may complain being left out in the decision-making process. In every organization, effective change is achieved in a bottom - up direction and not vice versa (Sinha, 2014). This means that efficient change in an organization begins with the employees who are the core stakeholders.

Plan for Minimizing Resistance

While aiming at averting possible resistance to the proposed changes, it is important to develop a plan which should be integrated into the change implementation approach. Such a plan would involve two main aspects, having a workers representative team in the decision-making process and slow implementation of the change. Employees should feel involved in the decision-making process and one way to ensure their participation and that their views are considered is having a representative team that acts as a bridge between them and the management (Lawrence, 1969). The team has several privileges such as participating in the various meeting and delivering the employees message to the management. Through this, workers feel represented and will embrace the change based on their views being considered. Another aspect of minimizing resistance is strategic implementation of the proposed changes. If a change is implemented in stages while observing the workers reactions and necessary adjustments made, full change can be implemented though it will take time.

Relevance of Communication in Resistance

Generally, all activities in an organization revolve around communication. Resistance to change implementation can be attributed to poor communication (Paycor, 2016). Employees require information regarding change availed to them early enough for adjustment preparations. Additionally, the message should be made available to everyone involved without bias. The manner in which information is conveyed is a vital element in reducing resistance. It is important for the message to use words that do not reflect a command or intimidation. This is achieved through using humbling words and tone. The communication channel on the other hand is crucial in reducing claims of information not getting to everyone involved. For instance, using notice boards and personalized messages is considered as the best channel in ensuring everyone gets the information. It is important to post the message on every notice board and not only on that found in the administration area.

For effective operations in the company, effective communication strategies are imperative. Three communications strategies involve verbal, non-verbal and visual. The main factors that distinguish these strategies include the channel and cue. In the verbal communication strategy, it involves both written and oral communication such as emails, text messages, and face to face conversation. It is considered effective when an urgent message needs to be conveyed. The non verbal communication strategy though rare in organizations involves facial expression and body language. These cues are used to sensitize on the information intended although care should be taken to avoid the difference in the message being conveyed and actual meaning (Houghton & Kemp, 2014). In the visual strategy, which is the most efficient communication strategy in the organization, it involves the use of signs and illustrations for documentation and drawing attention. It includes posters, WebPages, and signs. In the case of Virgin Media, the best strategy I would recommend is the visual communication approach through notice boards and website. Some of the reasons I choose this strategy are, it provides an interactive platform for the management and employees and also it can be used to reaching many people. As the employees have the chance to share their reactions towards the proposed changes through comment boxes, the management can sample the feedbacks and adjust the changes appropriately.

An effective communication plan for the proposed changes would involve several steps which would ensure employees are involved and adopt the change rather than considering it as command. After a thorough discussion with the workers representative, the first step involves using this team to provide the skeleton of the information before making it formal. This is done to avoid dropping a bombshell to the workers. Once they are made aware of possible changes for at least three days, it is then made formal as it comes from the management to confirm the rumours (Houghton & Kemp, 2014). At this point, provision is made for the employees to give their feedback. Also, as noted in the plan to minimize resistance, the change would happen in stages while the necessary adjustments made at every phase based on the feedback and reaction of the employees.

In conclusion, it is imperative for virgin media to consider effective change implementation plan with the inclusion of a communication strategy to avert possible resistance from the employees. With some of the possible reasons and concerns that may be cited by the employees being increased workload, a pay rise and not being included in the decision-making process, the company can involve the employee's representatives and use visual communication strategy that will accommodate reactions from the employees and reach out to more people. It is also important that the communication is done using friendly cues to avoid employees viewing it as a command.


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