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A successful resource manager understands that the risk of hiring a non-performing employee can be minimized only through a sound selection and recruitment process. Recruiting the right employee is critical for a long-term benefit of both profit and non-profit organization. The recruiting process is dived into five major steps. They include the consideration of the requirements for the vacant position about the needs of the business, building of an applicant pool, the evaluation of applicants, selection process and finally hiring and training the selected employee. In the case of Alabama Medicaid Agency, the position needed to be filled is a mid-level managerial job. Hence, the recruitment process shall begin with the resource manager conducting a job analysis of the vacant position. It is because; the hiring process by a resource manager is solely predictable upon a strong job analysis. A job analysis identifies the real tasks that are associated with the vacant position. Consequently, for proper analysis, a resource manager shall determine the skills and knowledge that are required for the position (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2015).

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It is also important to note that, despite the supervisors sentiments to employ a middle-level supervisor, job analysis enables me to convince the management to set aside funds for new recruitment. My conviction is based on the essential need for a new employee in relation to how the lack of the employee affects the performance of the Office Manager and the agency as a whole negatively. Therefore, I will analyse and evaluate the position of the supervisor to formulate the responsibilities of the new employee. Hence, I am seeking to identify the time the supervisor spends in her job and the amount of responsibilities bestowed upon her and their criticality. Moreover, I will evaluate the difficulties she is facing in fulfilling all her duties or hindering based on if she is fairly overwhelmed by her responsibilities or she is underperforming. Also is the technicality of her duties. With my conviction for the need for middle supervisor, I will convince the management and embark on the recruitment process. Also, I am sure that the recruited employee shall be placed employment and according to Alabama Medicaid Agency Employment policy (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2015).

The first step in job analysis is to understand the position. As an HR, I am considering the duties and responsibilities of the position, the level of scope and context in which the responsibilities have to be performed. Finally, is the amount of authority, accountability and responsibility needed for performing the task. The second step is identifying the Performance behaviors that are critical for evaluating the quality of a performed work. In this case, as an HR Manager, I am evaluating the performance expectations for an excellent performance to determine at what stage will the employee performing excellently or below expectations. Therefore, I will proceed to identify and choose the essential competencies needed to exhibit high performance. However, when determining the level of the knowledge, competency, skills and abilities, I am considering factors like the difficulty of performing the vacant position, its impact on the job outcomes and the consequences of the lack of the essential competency on the job performance. Also are how frequency the competency, skill, or knowledge is applied on the job and whether the essential is an instant requirement or can be acquired or learnt on the job with six months.

Current Supervisor position (Medicaid Supervisor)

Note that; the current Medicaid Eligibility Supervisor Mrs Joyce Jelks assists the office manager in all areas of operation. She coordinates workload in assigned region, which include providing off-site and on-site coverage in the absence of a worker with the intention of distributing work equally. She also conducts training and orientation of employees so that employees. Other than supervising 12 employees, she also monitors and evaluates their job performance in agreement with guidelines established by State Personnel. It is imperative to note that she is overwhelmed with her duties (State of Alabama Medicaid Agency, 2008).

The analysis of the applicant and the position are; Assignments are broad in nature and require ingenuity and originality. The job requires minimum supervision. An intermediate level or junior personnel can assist in some areas. The employee makes consultations with the superior before making a decision. The supervisor delegates most duties hence acts in an advisory capacity to the supervisor. The position requires broad knowledge in the field of health sciences (Mader-Clark, 2013).

Interview Method

The analysis tool will be the use of observation and interview methods. My interview will involve a junior employee and the supervisor from Office Manager Department. The intention will be to understand their working styles, skills and techniques they employ in their duties, job insecurities together with the fears they hold about their careers. More respondents will be considered.

Experience, Education and Training requirement

After identifying the required competencies for the position, the recruiting committee and I will evaluate the background of the highest performing employee that is the supervisor. We shall assess the combinations of experience and education, the availability of the qualified personnel in the job market. Moreover, we will ensure that the qualifications imposed on the position resonate with that in the market. It is imperative to determine qualification that is suitable for the job that is, not inappropriately low or high. High requirements will eliminate candidates that have the required competencies. Therefore, we have concluded that as a middle-level management position, the competencies Knowledge and skills for the job are; Making decisions based on knowledge of policies, procedures and knowledge of the agency. High level of discretion when dealing with confidential information, interpret state, federal and agency policies and regulations, complicated record keeping, organise, allocate and evaluate functions to staff as directed by the supervisor, implement complex procedures, communicate efficiently and has independent judgment and discretion. Should have two years of professional experience in Medicaid program, health care provider relations, Medicaid insurance, Medicaid utilization analysis, healthcare (Mader-Clark, 2013).

Finally, the recruitment committee and I shall review the analysis process and ensure that all elements required for the positions have been identified and evaluated in depth.

Job Description Summary

The Assistant Medicaid Supervisor is responsible for a directing various services or functions and coordinates the activities of the field workers directly through the supervisor. He or she exercises delegated responsibility in the assignment, training and evaluation of the staff as directed by the supervisor. Responds to inquiries from customers then proceed to investigate and recommends remedial actions to resolve client complaints. Recommends changes in procedures and operational policies for approval by the supervisor. Organises and communicates directives and instructions about changes and clarification of the policy. Ensures that the policies are implemented as directed by the Medicaid Supervisor. Moreover, He or she represents the Medicaid Supervisor at staff meetings or any other meetings.

A qualified candidate should possess at least two years of experience in health science related position. Preferably is a university degree or a four years college degree (Mader-Clark, 2013).

Advertising content

Note that the recruitment process of Alabama Medicaid Agency begins by advertising of vacant positions on the organizations website. Applicants can send their applications through emails and fax. As a policy, the suitable candidates are placed on a register where the best qualified for various applied positions are put on a waiting list. In such a scenario, according to the Agencys recruitment policy, the recruitment team and I will resort to drawing applicants from the register State of Alabama Medicaid Agency, (2008). Secondly, because of the need for diversity, I intend to bring in a young individual to feel the position. Also, my recruitment team and I prefer a male candidate because the current supervisor is a female. However, based on Alabama employee policy, we shall treat all candidates fairly regardless of sex.

The intention to recruit a candidate out of the current workforce will not be taken kindly. However, the recruiting committee shall communicate the purpose to the Office Manager Department and explain that decision is solely based on the need for diversity in the department.

Select/Recruiting Committee

The constituted recruiting committee reflects diversity. One staff member has a strong understanding of the role and contribution of Assistant Medicaid Supervisor while two of members have a functional knowledge of the job. Another committee member serves as a major customer.

Review of the applicant and short-listing

All applications drawn from the register are examined, and candidates who possess the required qualifications are screened then shortlisted.

Interview and candidates evaluation

The interview will provide me to evaluate the competencies and skills of the candidates. It will also allow for validation of information provided by the applicants and resumes. With an already formulated questionnaire, the interview is a panel interview with each select committee member asking a specific question (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2015).

Select Hire

After the interview process is complete, my committee meets to discuss the interview. Each member assesses how he or she met his or her selection criteria. The best candidate is chosen based on his qualification. He will help in achieving the organizations goal (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2015).

Reference Check

The reason for reference check is to acquire information regarding the candidates work performance and behaviour from current and previous employers that past performances can predict future success.

Initiating, negotiating the offer and finalizing the offer

The recruiting committee approves the candidate and recommends for a job offer for the finalist. The total compensation plan is discussed with finalist including all the benefits as per the policy. The candidate is also informed of the available learning and training opportunities. The candidate accepts the offer, and appointment letter is designed and given to the candidate (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2015).

Six Months Probationary Period

The new Assistant Medicaid Supervisor is placed on probation. The supervisor holds performance appraisal with the employee, and a copy of the appraisal is submitted to my office and put in the employees official personal file. The employee is confirmed for permanent employment at the end of the probation period in case his performance is satisfactory. If he underperforms but the supervisor does not recommend dismissal, then the probation period shall be extended to another three months. The supervisor shall continue to hold counseling and appraisal session with the employ during this time. At the end of probation, the employee shall be re-evaluated. His employment is either terminated or...

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