Qualities Of A Good Leader

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A leader is a person who gives direction and influences people towards a particular goal. Hence, every leader is an effective manager, however not every manager is an effective leader. As it is said, practice makes someone better, continuous practice of passing the right information to employees and having them see what want from them. Also shunning distractions that will make the manager loose attention to the main goal. Additionally listening to what others have to say opens door for new opportunities and reaching the goal. Thus, focus and communication form an integral part of leadership qualities.

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The ability to have a strong focus is very vital to any leader. Typically all team members will most likely follow the same path set by their leader. Focused leaders plan ahead; they are organized. Thus, before making decisions, they think through various choices and their implications while putting into considerations viable alternatives and making plans and strategies that are directed towards the goal. They ensure their goals and decisions are clear and priorities are set earlier to enable the team to know where to set their focus. Being uncertain of what is required to be accomplished will slow down the team and productivity rate.

True leaders can express themselves to the team members, especially on their vision. Since what may be clear in the leader's mind is not be clear to the minds of team members. Thus, for a leader to ensure everyone shares the same vision they must communicate in a clear and concise manner. However, communication is not only about passing and receiving information but also listening. Listening is significant in making sure everyone is in the same boat as the leader. Sometimes, leaders need to employ an open door policy whereby members can feel comfortable talking and sharing ideas in the absence of the whole team this is due to some members are shy to communicate in a big group.

Great leaders are those that stop talking and listen. Since listening open doors for new opportunities. After communicating the vision, the leader listens to the ideas of the team members and from that new opportunities may arise. Communication improves listening since the leader will get to know the message he passed was understood by everyone. On the other hand, focus improves listening since from the team members responses the leader will be able to know team members have followed his path.


Leaders assist others and themselves in doing the right things. They set the pace, build an inspiring vision, that help to create something new. Leadership is dynamic, exciting, inspiring, and mapping out where the team needs to go and win. However, while leaders set the directions they have to possess certain qualities. They are various qualities a leader can possess, but the outstanding are focus and communication. Also listening is a quality that opens the door to opportunities. Having this quality will enable the leader to propel their team members to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient manner.

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