Promoting Individual Health Assessment

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James (Mollys husband) is 37 year old and works as a lorry driver. He has to travel long distance and currently spends more time abroad than at home. James is pleased that Molly is expecting another baby. Recently he has started looking for work closer to home so he can offer more support to Molly. Unfortunately he has been unable to find a suitable job close to home but continues to look for one. Molly has noticed that James gets worried. She has also noticed that he is low in mood, irritable and loses his temper easily. He has started to smoke again, a habit he stopped 4 years earlier. His alcohol intake has also increased.

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James Indetified Helth Risks:

- smoking;

- alcohol;

- low mood, stress.


This essay is about developing a plan to promote individual health and wellness of James using Ernestine Wiedenbachs The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing theory and Dorothy Johnsons Behavioural System Model. The theory and model are appropriate for the case that has been given (Akerman, and Fischer, 2014, pg. 63). The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing theory is appropriate in James scenario because of the need to have individualised care. It is until the individual nursing requirements are understood that the case scenario will come out clearly in the case. The theory calls for nurses to identify the patients needs through observation, understanding the changes on behaviour of the patient. They should also be able to identify the cause of discomfort. They should determine the best mode of approach through intervention and coming up with the needed help to ensure that there is an understanding of a given case (Bowling, 2014, pg.119). The model is based on the underpinning that individuals will operate in stable environments and that there are several subsystems for individuals.

In order to achieve the desired achievement and solving James problem, communication has to play a significant role. Communication is significant in this process, so that the nurse is required to use it to achieve most of the goals. For Jamess scenario, all of the acts will be communicative. The process of transmitting messages between the nurse and James will need to have a focus on the ritualistic processes that will have to be involved (Caprara, Fernandez-Ballesteros, and Alessandri, 2015, pg. 102). As information will be sent to the patient, it is important to understand the channels and the methods that will be used to achieve this desire and results. The impact of the messages to the recipient is another issue that will be of concern. The way the audience members will be communicated to will determine the efficiency of the message. It is for this reason that there is a need to assess the messages that will have the greatest impact while communicating. Nurses have a role to play in ensuring that the family members of the patient have been communicated to in a way that they will understand the current situation (Choi et al., 2015, pg. 7). The nurses also have to understand how to handle the communication process in the entire scenario. The have to be endowed with communication skills that will be useful in the entire process of communicating with the patient.

Nurses are important change in the health promotion process. In the scenario, James case is more of intervention approach that will have to be done in order to have the issues solved in eth entire process. Nurses are going to look at a health model and use the processes that have been developed by the model. The underlying concepts of the model will be defined in the whole and entire process.

Discussion (Body)

James is 37 years old and works as a lorry driver. He is married to Molly and have two children together. The first child is 8 years and the second one is 3 years old. James has health needs that need intervention of a nurse through health promotion. James has been looking for employment that will be placed near his home place. This comes in the wake of Molly, James wife, who is expecting. James is happy about the unborn child and feels that he should be near his family so that he will assist Molly whenever she needs him. James has been searching for employment opportunity that would enable him to be near his family but in vain (Chou, Prestin, Lyons, and Wen, 2013, pg. 283). He has not been able to find one. James has started being irritable, loses temper, and is low in moods. The job issue could be the cause of the problems that James is facing. The observable symptoms that are observable with James are reason enough to start looking for health solution for James. There are internal problems that need to be addressed in the current situation.

Bio-psychosocial factors that contribute to the health of James

There is a need to understand the situation of a patient before any strategy to help them is started. Understanding the environment and the history of the patient is a good way that will enable the healthcare provider to have an assessment of strategies that can be used in this entire process (Edelman, Mandle, and Kudzma, 2013, pg. 82). One of the biological factors that can be started with the case is that of physical trauma. James is pressured and feeling unease with the current situation that he finds himself. There is the immediate issue of looking for employment that is near his home. He is feeling unease with the long duration it has taken for him to get employment. This is affecting his peace, making him feel depressed. This could be the issue his behaviour has started changing. Another trauma is that of sickness that is seen to have affected Eric, their first-born child. The child is seen to not be interacting well with the other colleagues. Eric has difficulty in learning. All these are the issues that could be bringing of concern to James. James must be thinking about these things and how it is affecting the well-being of his body. There is also the concern on his in-laws (Fritzsche, McDaniel, and Wirsching, 2014, pg. 102). The father-in-law is suffering from Dementia. Mollys father is suffering from dementia, such that he depends on his wife to remember important tasks that need to be done. This is bringing issues with the family and could be the reason it is putting undue pressure to James. There seems to be no major hereditary concern that could be associated with the current problems that he has. We have not been told of any other information concerning the children in that could be alarming to James health.

There is also the concern of psychology. The psychological factors in James case could also be the reason for the current situation he is facing. The victim, James, could be having problems with handling stress that come with the present concerns and pressures he goes through (Girao, Alves, Batista Oria, Moreira, and de Almeida, 2014, pg. 29). The first pressure is that of not being able to get another vacancy for employment that is near his home. He has been looking for employment that would enable him to work from near his home, so that he will be able to offer his help to Molly. The whole process and the delay in getting employment is affecting the well-being of James. This could be the cause of the anxiety that James could be going through in the process of handling the current work and the pressure of looking for new employment near his home. Another factor that is psychological is the likelihood of negative thinking for this individual. There could be many situations that could be happening in the life of James that could make him have negative thinking. It affects the well-being and the approach towards the situation.

There are also social factors that could be affecting James. One of the social factors that is evident is lifestyle (Golden, and Earp, 2012, pg. 10-12). The long-distance work as a driver could be giving undue pressure to his well-being. The work he is doing is stressful because of the long distance that he makes on the road every day. He needs some rest, especially enough sleep. The sleep he gets might not be enough because of the need to wake up early in the morning and travel to long distance as a requirement in order to meet the pay threshold. The whole thing could be bringing stress to James and could be the reason he is undergoing a lot of challenges while working in his work. There is also the issue of lifestyle that could be associated with the current issues of concern for the victim (Gross, Vancampfort, Stubbs, Gorczynski, and Soundy, 2016, pg. 82). He has no time to get exercise that is important for his well-being.

Activities for helping James

There are recommended actions and steps that need to be done for James.

The first step that will need to be taken is assessment of the current situation that James falls in. this step will include understanding the environment that James is in and the factors that are causing the current situation (Haber, 2013, pg. 122). There should be clear understanding of the family pressure, the work environment, and the activities that James engages in a normal day.

The second step would be to involve the stakeholders and the close family members of James. The stakeholders will be involved in order to have support for the current situation that James is currently facing and have solution from the close people (Harootyan, 2013, pg. 120). The close people will be helpful in trying to understand the likely factors that could have caused James to be in that condition. There are medical information and history that will be given by the family members and friends which will be useful in this case.

The third step would be to have a counselling program that would involve a professional in stress management. James would have to be guided on how to handle the pressures and the need to look for employment (Keady et al., 2013, pg. 117). The stress management will help him to cope with stress and have strategies that will enable him to go slowly in other requirements.

The last step would be to have a talk with James family members so that they would offer the support that he needs at the moment. The wife should be counselled to understand that any form of stress will enhance the situation. She is the closest person who can bring change to the victim (Kilpatrick et al., 2014, pg. 30). She is supposed to offer the encouragement and not put any pressure on the need to have employment near home. By having a good homework environment, James will be able to relax and not work under stress. He is taking the need to work near home as a top priority. He should have the notion that even if he works far from home, nothing will go wrong. That employment that he needs will come after some time. These are the issues that need to be taken into consideration in the current situation in order to have a good approach to the current situation.

Evaluation of different approaches

There are different approaches that could be used in promotion of health for James. These different approaches have varying levels of effectiveness. Understanding these levels will help inn determining the most appropriate approach that needs to be taken into consideration (Korda, and Itani, 2013, pg. 93).

Health education

This is one of the health promotion strategy that could be used in the case. By having health education for James, the various issues that James could be facing will be discussed so that he understand how he could be affecting his own health. This strategy is more about understanding ones environment and the factors that could be affecting the well-being of that individual (Leichter, 2014, pg. 10). It is clear that James is not aware of these factors and could be doing some things out of ignorance. These affect the well-being. Having education for the patient will help James to get awareness of his actions and take the...

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