Personal Marketing Plan in the Automotive Industry

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Industrial Design is a field of work that deals in creating new products and items right from scratch, or it can be through developing improvements on existing products. The field is highly vast as it encompasses electronics, domestic appliances, machinery and the web and mobile app development.

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Position Statement

I am much-focused product designer with enough backing of knowledge in product design. My skills in this field have been gathered through working on different products with different companies. These eventually helped me expand the scope of my expertise in automobile design.

I have worked on automobile part design and through that my interest in automobile product design and architecture is an area of keen interest. I would like to build my progress in automobile design hoping to land a job with an automobile manufacturing company ("How to develop a strategic marketing plan: a step-by-step guide", 2000).

Professional Objective

Industrial designer, I have perfect skills in my work area. I am well experienced in my roles as a product designer. I would love to work at a high-end industrial company where I can work on my skillset with the freedom of choosing the cutting edge technology tool of my choice.

Career Prospects

It is important that I am bale to rise up the ranks of my career as a product designer. First thing will be through ensuring that I manage to handle quite a number of projects to build my skillset attaining a position as a senior designer will be a fitting gift.

I wish to do a job in a firm that deals in the automotive industry especially in body design work and engine tuning departments. I would like to achieve this feat through working in teams and coming up with the best and cost-efficient designs for implementation of different projects.

Creative director position at the company can suit me perfectly. I would like to work on the management position through coordination of teams members and team leaders into productivity activities like developing cutting-edge designs on new products and improvements on existing products. This feat can be achieved by taking more certification in the design field for more understanding of the field and management skills (Jensen, 2013).

Target Companies

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A

Ferrari S.p.A

Pagani Automobili S.p.A

Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A


Preferred Function

Senior Designer

Creative Director




Marketing roll-out plans including print

& online media

Financial-Forecasting, Tracking, Analysis

Customer Service:

Consultative Sales



Dispute Resolution



Guide and Evaluate


Public Speaking



Goal Setting



Web Site Sales Expert

SEM Sales Expert

Social Media Skilled

Online Directories Sales Expert

Personal Attributes:



Presentation skilled

Loves to Win & Celebrate Success

Quick Study with High Expectations of Self

Professional with the Ability to Inspire

Project Management

Scope Development

Budgetary Estimate/Proposal Preparation

Client/Regulatory Agency liaison

Subcontractor Coordination


Data Evaluation

Technical Report Development

Technical Oversight/Review


Bachelor of Science Degree in Product Design

Certification in Spatial Design

Certification in 3D Design

Certification in Industrial

Member of the Chartered Society of Designers

Core Skills and Competencies

I possess a high degree of technical knowledge balanced with creative ability and a hands-on approach;

Visual and spatial awareness;

Commercial awareness;

Computer literacy (3-D conceptual ability and CAD (computer-aided design));

Knowledge of industrial processes/techniques and standards;

Communication and customer-facing skills;

Copping under pressure with short term deadline

Target Market

Geographic Area: Italy

Company: Automobile Lamborghini

Industry Profile: Manufacturing of Automobiles and automobile distribution.

Main products are Sports cars.

Location: SantAgata Bolognese, Italy.

Organization Size:

The organization 831 working in the organization.


How to develop a strategic marketing plan: a step-by-step guide. (2000). Choice Reviews Online, 37(11), 37-6353-37-6353.

Jensen, D. (2013). Your Personal Marketing Plan. Science.

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