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A lot of criticisms go around the streets of the United Kingdom concerning the manner in which current investigation systems carry out complaints about police shootings. The concerned bodies have a tendency of being reluctant to pressing charges against police officers who are found guilty of wrong doings. Among the issues erupting contention include perceived fairness and balance when such investigative processes take place, particularly when the accused is a police officer. However, the Constitution is clear about rights to all the citizens. The investigative process incase such fatal incidences, involving police and the public, should consider both the rights of the bereaved family and the officer.

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One of those criticisms includes a police firearms officer, Stuart Brown, who happened to have fired two live bullets at one man, Dean Joseph. This incident occurred after a siege at Georgian Terrace late last year. Later in the inquest, Mr. Joseph's Queen's Counsel, pointed out that the incident was one which clearly demonstrated failure in command. He added that the police had conferred to get the story about the killing straight for the accused officer. It was therefore fundamentally unfair if the defendant would walk free. Though the inquest still continues, the state of justice to the family of Mr. Joseph is in great jeopardy. Earlier this year, in one of the press releases by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) on the annual report on deaths following police contact, claimed that the fatal cold blood shooting of Dean Joseph was among the rare incidences tying police to cold blood murder. Such incidences, the spokesman said, were as a result of frail circumstances that would occur due to lawful misunderstanding. On the contrary, the report failed to mention if the murder of people like James Fox, Richard Davies or Jermaine Baker, were also circumstances of unlawfulness or lawful misunderstandings. These are just but a few individuals who suffered their fate via the cruelty of the UK police. Why would the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) reports cover such sensitive cases in support of unruliness of our officers? Quite clear, there are some variances in the information provided in the reports, ones which are done to favor the police officers. One time in November 2015, the Guardian Magazine published an article about the shoot to kill policy. Among the issues, the paper expounded on is the use of force by the police and several cold murder cases including that of James Fox. Some weeks later, the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan reacted to the same article concerning the shoot to kill issue by saying that the police department has no such thing as shoot to kill policy. However, he made it clear that the law approves the police's use of excessive force to stop crime or arrest one who endangers the lives of others. However, one truth that remains is that the police should consider that citizens are not terrorists and that such shooting spree in which they are involved has nothing like legal status in it.

I would, therefore, recommend that the fatal death of Dean Joseph be investigated as required by the law. The traditional manner of carrying out investigations through the IPCC has created controversial scenarios of accused police officers going scot free without charges getting pressed on them. A new body is urgently needed to carry out free and fair investigative processes in the United Kingdom. As we know, IPCC manages all investigations including misconducts of police officers regarding the scope of the accusation laid upon them. Such tasks as completing the policy log or writing the final report regarding the charge can, therefore, be done with lots of discrepancies. It is thus high time justice prevailed in the lands. As a true, advocate of justice, a new body should suspend investigations carried out by the IPCC since the Independent Police Complaints Commission would undoubtedly prejudice the whole process for the accused. If in any case, the investigations are to be comprehended using the statutes of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, then the process shall be in agreement with the interest of the small majority. A justified report should then be handed to the Crown Prosecution Service having determined that all the aspects of the investigative process were as credible as the story itself.

It should, therefore, be realized that it is not the only QUEST that is concerned with deaths and fatal shootings performed by the police officers but also citizens who are affected by such inhuman practices. Those who have carelessly lost their loved ones would honestly concur with me in this matter. Of course, with non-governmental organizations such as QUEST, which are concerned about the accountability of our police as my fellow natives, such issues as result of intoxication or poor medical care, mishandling by the police, criticisms regarding ethnic minority and fatal shooting will also be advocated.


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