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Leave policies refers to the procedures, guidelines and set of rules that play the role of time framing, governing all the process within an organization at the same time laying clear all the procedures that have to be followed taking off from work. Taking a look at the Elora Jean & Co, the company has no formal leave policy towards its workers. This has led to most of the workers as seen in the case study complaining about the same. According to the law, this is a very big and dangerous risk which can lead to some penalties for the company to incur just because of the inadequacy in that sector. One of the punishments the company may incur is an order demanding for the closure of the company as a result of not complying with the legal requirement of having a formal leave policy.

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This would be a serious order which often results in unemployment to the workers of the company. Not only does it lead to the damage of the company's legal status but also the government may go ahead in enacting fines to the company. When it comes to such matters the government may end up doing the company's auditing to ensure proper amounts of fines are paid. These huge fines often lead to the collapse of the company. Furthermore, to cover the fines paid, the company may fail to pay its workers in time which may cause the employees to resign in search for better jobs. In overall, the performance of your company is disrupted. Another risk underlying the same is the lack of employees loyalty. The companys employees may never have full trust in the company. As a result, the company's daily activities, as well as the duties assigned to the workers, may not be accomplished as expected. Closure of the business for some time may also be another possible penalty.

The government can order the company to do so for a duration of time hence giving the employees time to rest. Overworking of employees is against the law. Furthermore, the managerial staff of the Elora Jean Company can be sued as according to the law which often leads to imprisonment of not less than 6 months. During the time the company can be forced to close down, other similar companies will dominate the market. By the time the company is back, most of their loyal customers will have been snatched away. Another possible risk the company is involving itself with is the denial of operating license. Once their operating license has been canceled, from their and then they have to go home whatever the case. On another perspective, the lack of formal leave policy may expose the workers to some risks. When a company has no formal leave policies, they are not sure of being paid while they are on leave. In addition, it means there are clear requirements to follow when requesting for leave. On the side of the management of the Elora Jean company, managing the entire workforce comes out to be horrible due to minefield fraught having high risk.

Considering the first employee and the reason she gives out is not considerable to be granted leave. Leaving from work for such a long period of 3 months is unacceptable. On the other hand, taking care of one's relatives and such kind of family issues need not be brought into the business. If for instance, all the workers bring in their family issues then automatically the company would collapse. The second employee also does not qualify to be granted such a long leave. If for any case he is to be given leave, then the leave must be shorter than what he is stating. Being only in work for 18 months does not imply you have to be given a leave of 6 weeks. On the other hand, the man looks for other alternatives in offering the services he has to give to his wife. The third employee's case is a bit excusable. No worker likes to be sick all the time. In fact, everyone always desires to be at work all the time.

However, leaving from work for 6 weeks will do affect the companys performance. If the worker is to be given the leave, then the company has to look for an alternative person to work on behalf when she is away. However, a formal letter from a qualified doctor recommending for the same has to be presented to verify the case. The case for the employee number 4 is very funny. The issue on how to take care of ones family is unacceptable in the company operation. In fact, this has nothing to do with the business. Her son has been enrolled in the military should look ways on how the daughter will be taken care of. Furthermore, the grandmother to the same can also organize for her granddaughter and enroll her in a baby care kindergarten or anywhere else where she will be taken off. For those employees who do not qualify under the Family and Medical Leave Act, the company should negotiate with each one of them and find resolution on the same. The company can either grant each just a portion of the time they had requested to be away from the business. This will help to cater in accomplishing the company's financial objectives.

Another option that the company remains with is to cater for the workers need. For instance, the worker requesting for time to take care of her granddaughter, the company can make arrangements on how to help the kind adapt to the new environment without her father. Secondly, there exists a worker who requests for leave due to her ill health; the company should provide health benefits. If possible, the employee may continue offering her services at the same time receiving medication from the company. For the case of the second employee who asks for leave to help his wife since she has a newborn baby, the company should offer maternity benefits instead of the man leaving to take care of his wife. The same should be done to the worker who has to look after her ill mother-in-law.

Sample Vacation Leave

Every worker who works in full-time basis will earn monthly income. However, the rate at which each worker will be paid may be adjusted as time passes by:

Vacation hours earnedyears of employment

6 hours per month0 to 5

8 hours per month6 to 10

10 hour per month11 to 15

12 hours per month16 and above

Those workers who work under part-time basis will earn on a pro rata basis. However, this will only apply to those who work for not less than 30 hours per week. Strictly no employee is supposed to earn for more than 160 hours while on leave.

Sick, Family and Medical Leave

For those employees who work under the full-time program will earn at a rate of 10 hours per week. The same case will apply for the part-time basis as in the vacation leave on a pro rata basis. When it comes to the case of employees under the temporary program, they do not qualify for any leave benefits. Only under the following circumstances should the sick be given a leave: forced quarantine of the employee by a public health officer, personal illness, to attend the birth of an employees child and any other medical appointments. If the employee has to be away for some days due to illness, then a doctors note will be mandatory to verify the same. In any company, recognizing the importance of ones family is a concern. This kind of leaves enables the workers to take time off and take care of their families, however, only as stated in the federal Family and Medical Leave Act will this be accomplished. For an employee to benefit from the same, he or she has to have worked with the company for not less than 12 months. Secondly, work along with over 50 employees within a range of 756 miles. Thirdly, during the 12 months of working time, 1250 working hours must have been accomplished. Furthermore, any employee is legible to request for 12 weeks leave in a year due to the following reasons: to take care of a daughter, parent, spouse suffering from health problems. In addition when offering foster care, child after birth or a child who have been adopted.

Having such kind of leave policies will help in increasing workers motivation and commitment. Furthermore, such breaks help workers in relieving any stress. This is evident as workers who have just landed from leave are more vigorous at a workplace that those who have been at work all through. On the other hand, the company's rate of competitiveness will be increased as every employee is willing to work since there are leave benefits to be enjoyed. As a result, the Elora Jean & Co. will be able to compete effectively in the job market as they possess such employees. Not only will the financial objectives be met but also customer's satisfaction will be of high quality. On the other hand, chances of colliding with the relevant authorities of not having a formal leave policy will be minimal.

In conclusion, any company has an obligation to have adopted formal leave policies. The consequences of lacking such policies, taking a look at the Elora Jean & Co, the company has no formal leave policy towards its workers led to most of the workers complaining about the same. According to the law, this is a very big and dangerous risk which can lead to some penalties for the company to incur just because of the inadequacy in that sector. Some of the risks may include dissolution of the company and heavy fines among others. Vacation, sick, family and medical leave should be formulated in the Elora Jean & Co. to enhance its performance and competitiveness in the market.

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