Paper Example on Child Pornography as Related to Computer Crime

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Thesis: As a result of the rise of child pornography encountered, there are several wins and enforcements in conjunction with a variety of suggestions put in place to curb this affair. Child pornography is a globally concerned issue and has raised the alarm to all stakeholders specifically law enforcers to devise rules and regulations to deter such assaults in the society.

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In the recent times, child pornography is a major constraint in our societies. Information, videos, and images of pornography can be accessed rapidly today and thus is currently a major area of concern and has sought a lot of attention (Akdeniz, 2008). Higher charges and heavy punishments are burdened or imposed on individuals who are encountered distributing, disseminating, transporting or exposing child pornographic videos or images. Available recent statistics outlines that at least 40% of children between the ages of ten to twenty have got exposed to pornography in one way or another and at least 80% of the adults have got exposed to the stuff(Gillespie, 2011). This paper will provide a critical analysis on child pornography as related to computer crime, and the enforcement wins in three cases.

Case I

The first win of the enforcement case is the seizing and a search warrant for searching the specific types of equipment such as DVD player, MP3 player, smartphones, and cameras. Others are flash drives, computers, tablets, discs, hard drives and any other thing that can be used to store, view images or play videos on pornography. This search warrant is acquired and used if a person is suspected possessing the illegal contraband.

Case II

The second instance of a win by the enforcement,Akdeniz (2008) police officers might use IP addresses and accounts hence getting the information if the computer was used for posting ads or bulletin thus proper action is applied.

Case III

Furthermore, law enforcements personnels may use the peer-to-peer downloaded programs to get the content in the third case. But it should be understood that whenever someone is found with the possession of child pornography, it is not always convicted since there are many ways in which he or she may be in possession of child pornography blindly on his or her computer. You may find the content on your computer as a result of the following ways; when the storage capacity of your electronic device is unsupported and flawed by the important probable cause, the content may get downloaded blindly or unknowingly.

Victimization of individuals found in possession of child pornography may be feeble, relented or withdrawn if they got exposed to the stuff without their consent hence they may escape judgment. Severe circumstances where they may get convicted is when they are found disseminating or distributing the content (Gillespie, 2011).

Prevention and elimination of child pornography

To deter, curb or improve enforcements regarding the crime of child pornography the following should be adhered to; search engines should be equipped with filters to remove materials that are inappropriate for people. The electronic devices should get secured appropriately with a restriction on what is supposed to get downloaded. The website that produces child pornographic content and their agents that disseminate then to children should be charged heavily and even jailed. In conclusion, those delivering the content legally for adults should have a particular criterion and ensure that individuals must log in with emails so as to prevent exposing the underage to such kinds of stuff since they are not yet in possession of emails (Akdeniz, 2008).



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