Om Sokdae as the Twisted Hero

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Does everyone not desire to be a powerful and successful leader yet the society is characterised by rich and unmoral leaders while the morally upright aspiring rulers are poor and unsuccessful?

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In Our Twisted Hero by Yi Munyol, there are several characters who attempt to live up to the name of the novel. From teachers to students, everyone is trying to be that hero in the novel context although this only suits a few who are successful in their actions. Notably, those who are guided by morals and values end up submitting to those who rule by force and other dubious means. One of the novels individuals who appear successful and a key player is Om Sokdae who in this context is the twisted hero since everyone desires to live a life like his, that which the followers can do everything on their leader's behalf. Through being a prominent figure in class, his influence affects both teachers and classmates and even those who attempt to go against him. Om Sokdae is the twisted hero.

A leader will ensure that all his followers are satisfied while ruling both his juniors and seniors. Om Sokdae, being a leader in his class makes his classmates benefit from his position. This is ascertained by Pyongiae who states our class under Sokdae was a model of a whole school (Munyol, 27). All positive virtues indicate a well-led community and society. In this case, Sokdaes led class was the best in various aspects such as cleanliness in the classroom and bright flowers. Sokdae also oversees the success of different projects, and his ruling strategy is identified as both effective and efficient. As a matter of fact, the class is over dependent on their class monitor so much that they cannot make their rules and standards.

Being a leader is not only what makes Om Sokdae a twisted hero but other aspects such as passing exams and his classmates undying support. Sokdae success and achievements in life are found on several aspects among them having an unclear track record in his activities. He can achieve all he wants in life to get him a happy life. For instance, he devises a way through which he can pass his exams with help from his classmates. As a twisted hero, one would ascertain that Sokdae is a successful hero despite his unclear activities unlike his counterparts such as Pyongiae. In fact, someone like Pyongiae compliments Sokdaes success and considers himself a failure (Munyol, 117)

Despite the shortcomings in his character, our twisted hero, Sokdae can rival his opponents without much a fight. When Pyongiae attempts to challenge Sokdaes leadership, he is faced with vigorous resistance from his classmates. Notably, Pyongiaes life returns to normal after he accepts the defeat by Sokdae. Through Sokdaes success in school and afterwards where he is seen driving at the back of a luxurious car, one would question what is right or wrong since his victory is based on unjust ways yet people like Pyongiae are not successful and cannot match Sokdae yet their ways were morally upright.

In conclusion, our twisted hero represents a reflection of the current society where the morally upright are defeated by those whose ways are questionable. Essential to note is that those who are characterised by straight ways cannot match their counterparts who are victorious through their unjust ways. In the novel our twisted hero, the title refers to Om Sokdae who is a successful leader despite his ways being questionable

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