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Weeks before attending the concert, or even the day before, I had a genie sprung from a bottle and granted me three wishes. I most probably would have asked to be spared any more of these children musicals following the rate at which there comes a wave after wave of these songfests adapted from animated Disney movies. Therefore, I attended the concert with dour expectations but prepared for another weary experience.

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Contrary to my expectations, I was hit by how organized the performance by the Broadway Musical, and as directed by Casey Nicholaw. The Disney stage musical was set, and we were treated with an Aladdin musical which features new and existing songs from the 1992 animated film. There were a series of interludes between the music and acting. To start off, James Monroe hyperactively performed a feat of the song Friend Like Me with a remarkable sense of voice control on the witty lyrics of Howard Ashmans composition. Besides Friend Like Me there was a mash up of Igor Stravinskys (The Soldiers Tale) LHistoire du Soldat and Piano Sonata; also known as the Piano Sonnet, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

James Monroe being the lead singer of the night swiftly switched through the tones of the Disney classic to create a musical harmony.

The piece of symphonic work (Aladdin) performed had four movements.

The first one being: Aladdin, the second movement was 'Friend like me Looky.' Ali Baba came as the third movement and the fourth movement as the Aladdin. They were such hilarious moves indeed.

The Soldiers Tale is a chamber musical example made of movements and three vocal parts. The LHistoire du Soldat also includes seven instruments: the cymbal, violin, flute, the whistle, banjo, accordion and piano accompaniment. Different from the traditional formats of movements in a work, it has up to nine movements. The nine movements include the first movement as The Soldiers March, the second as Airs by a Stream. The third movement being: Pastorale. Royal March is the fourth movement whereas The Little Concert stands the fifth movement. The sixth movement is made of Three Dances: Tango-Waltz-Ragtime. Dance of the Devil makes the seventh movement. The eighth and ninth movements comprise of Grand Choral and the Triumphal March of the Devil.

The third piece of work performed in the Aladdin Concert was the solo musical (Piano Sonata) which went on for about twenty minutes. I particularly liked this piece because it was purely instrumental and really therapeutic. It is made of three movements: Allegro maestoso, Adante cantabile con espressione and Presto in that order. The piano is the sole timbre in the Piano Sonata.

The concert was so hilarious, and the performances by the above-mentioned professional artists were quite entertaining and very enjoyable. Throughout the concert, I kept wishing that the enjoyable performances should never come to an end.

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