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The name of the video game I chose is Myst. It is a graphic adventure game designed to create a user-friendly experience. I first played the game on my parents desktop computer. At first, I did not know it was a game because of my parents love for educational stories. However, I must admit that I had a challenging experience the first time played the game. I was confused throughout the first game, but the music and sounds kept me going. The reason is that the game incorporates a puzzle. After a while, I came to understand the rules of the game, and it became the best game that I have ever played. The video game consists of a theme of moving between worlds. Ideally, a mysterious book transports the player to different places that have spectacular architecture and geology. The game has gateways that allow the player to make a substantial dive from one room to the other. More so, Myst the video game involves lots of mystery and isolation. In fact, it is hard to comprehend the rules immediately after download. In the world of Myst, the player stands in a garden, ensnared by sound waves from an ocean in proximity. The player is all alone in a mystical world filled with unreal lights, old machines, and magical elements of advanced technology. The game makes the player look like a stranger who uses clues to move to the next stage. Primarily, the player attempts to unravel the obscurities of the world portrayed in the game.

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Reasons why I Played the Game

The first reason why I chose to play the game is out of curiosity. As mentioned earlier, years back, I found the game on my parents computer. I wanted to know what it was all about and I decided to open the game and play it. Those times, the game was in a CD-ROM where one had to purchase it. Every day after school, I used to rush back home to play the game before I commenced on my homework. I felt as if I had an addiction to the game because of the puzzles it has in different stages. Another reason why I chose to play it is that it is reflective. More so, I opted to play the game because it has great visuals and provides the player with a suggestion of how technology might look like in the future. Additionally, another reason why I decided to play the game is that I enjoy puzzles and mysteries. I have always liked a challenge, and Myst the video game gave me one. Even so, the images, sounds, and lights of the game provide an excellent experience that I enjoyed. Moreover, the game is lively because the sound effects and the music keep the player alert. As well, Myst the video game provides a real gaming experience that made me enjoy it a lot. Furthermore, the game entices me because it does not involve any violence. Myst is a smooth game that does not have a time limit or puts the player at risk of death. Besides, I would say that the game is educative because of the dilemmas. It requires a lot of intelligence for one to move from one stage to another. I liked to pick up the different books at unique locations to explore where I would go next. What is more, I enjoyed the perfect organization of the game. It rather has an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the introduction part bored me a little bit because of the narration by a man called Artus. Nevertheless, the game begins to become attractive when he suddenly vanishes and leaves the book behind for the player to solve the mysteries.

Three Artistic Features of the Game

Sound Myst the video game has an amazing sound. However, at first, I found it a little bit scary. Over time, I came to love it, and it became an addiction eventually. Besides the sound effects, the video game has music. On the real sense, the sound effects and music create a peaceful mood at different stages of the game. I tried to play the game with the music turned off, but it was not enjoyable compared to it having the music. The sound variations through the book pages are a fantastic piece of art.

Magic the entire video game is magical. On a broader perspective, the part of the magic of the whole game is exploring a very different world. As well, the book itself that gives clues is magic. Magical realism creates a supernatural event that is consistent with part of the game.

Architecture the design in the video game is a fantastic piece of art. The structures provide small universes that create alternative ideas of reality and subjective experiences where almost anything can happen. The imagery present in Myst is spectacular. They are so unusual and different from what people see in the real world. The rocky buildings and the landscape make the game lively. The structures in the video game make the player fully immersed.

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